Daneshill pupils have always achieved high academic success.

Over the last eight years our 13+ curriculum has established itself as an innovative and academic experience that provides exciting opportunities for pupils to achieve and maximise their potential at the top of the school.

The efforts of the school, and talents of the Year 8 pupils, have been recognised since July 2010 with the following awards having been won to Senior Schools:

2017Bradfield CollegeAll-Rounder
2017Bradfield CollegeMusic Exhibition
2017Lord Wandsworth CollegeAcademic & Drama
2017Lord Wandsworth CollegeArt
2017Lord Wandsworth CollegeAll-Rounder
2017Winchester CollegeAcademic
2016Lord Wandsworth CollegeAcademic
2016Lord Wandsworth CollegeSport
2016St Swithun’sAcademic
2016Wellington CollegeAcademic
2016Wellington CollegeSport
2016Winchester CollegeAcademic
2015Marlborough CollegeAll-Rounder
2015Pangbourne CollegeSport
2015Queen Anne’s, CavershamSport
2015Queen Anne’s, CavershamSport
2015Sherfield SchoolAll-Rounder
2014St Swithun’sAcademic
2014Lord Wandsworth CollegeAcademic
2014Lord Wandsworth CollegeAll-Rounder
2013Bradfield CollegeAll-Rounder
2013Sherfield SchoolSport
2012Bradfield CollegeMusic
2012Lord Wandsworth CollegeAcademic
2012Lord Wandsworth CollegeAcademic
2012Tring ParkDrama
2011Bradfield CollegeAll-Rounder
2011Queen Anne’s, CavershamSport
2010Bradfield CollegeAll-Rounder
2010Bradfield CollegeAll-Rounder
2010Bradfield CollegeAll-Rounder
2010Lord Wandsworth CollegeMusic

More than a third of our Year 8 leavers have won an award. This is a fantastic endorsement for all concerned and, combined with the other accolades that the year groups have achieved, is proof, if we needed it, that this alternative to leaving at Year 6 is a challenging, rewarding and successful educational experience.

Daneshill has always had outstanding success at 11+ and this has continued to be the case with the Year 6 leavers since 2010.

As a testament to the achievements of Daneshill pupils, the following awards have been won over the last six years:

Downe HouseAcademic & Drama
Downe HouseAcademic
Downe HouseAcademic
Farnborough HillAcademic
Lord Wandsworth CollegeAcademic
Lord Wandsworth CollegeAcademic
Lord Wandsworth CollegeAcademic
Lord Wandsworth CollegeMusic
Pangbourne CollegeMusic
Queen Anne’sSport
St. Swithun’sAcademic
The AbbeyAcademic
The AbbeyAcademic
St Gabriel’sAcademic

Fundamentally, Daneshill can facilitate the transfer of pupils to any independent Senior School as day pupils or boarders. The school has demonstrated over many years, and through the establishment of strong relationships, that our pupils are successful at transfer at all stages. Daneshill pupils achieve beyond, up to and including University placements as a result of the strong foundations that are instilled at an early age.

Please contact the School Office for more information on our scholarship successes.