Headmaster’s Welcome

David Griffiths, Headmaster

The genuinely unpretentious atmosphere of Daneshill creates an environment in which all pupils flourish. Real education naturally creates a strong understanding of what is morally right and children quickly respond to the realistic expectations of a good school.

Our broadly based curriculum allows the development of high academic achievement to sit comfortably alongside our enthusiasm for pupils to become actively involved in all areas of the performing arts (Drama, Music, Art and Dance) as well as the pursuit of sporting excellence. Children experience that important sense of enjoyment that comes from working to the best of their ability in order to achieve individual success with the support and encouragement of excellent teachers.

All achievement is valued and pupils understand the importance of contributing to the whole school community whilst supporting the needs of others. Team, house and form competitions engender a significant involvement in activities that bring out the best in pupils working collectively together towards a common goal.

Daneshill is very much a family school and we strive to preserve that ethos whilst providing an excellent education for all our pupils.

Our aim is to develop well-rounded, enthusiastic learners who will make a strong contribution to their senior schools both as good citizens and as pupils who are prepared to work hard in order to achieve success.

Our ethos is uncomplicated and clearly reflected in the happy enthusiasm of all our pupils. Visitors to the school will be made very welcome and straight away they will experience the atmosphere that makes Daneshill unique.