British Science Week 2021

British Science Week has been embraced by the staff and pupils over the past 5 days. It has been a chance to learn more about science, technology, engineering and maths, Read on to see what the pupils have been up to and if you want to get scientific at home, click here for a mini challenge.

Task: Creative Thinking.

Each year group were given an object and they had to come up with as many different uses as they could for the object. Here are Year 5 working on the paperclip.

Task: Link the inventor to the invention. With a display of picture/word clues and photos of inventors, the children had to match the inventor to the invention.

Task: Order the Inventions. With pictures mounted onto poles, the pupils had to order the inventions from earliest to most recent. The toaster and the solar cells came as a surprise but everyone knew when YouTube was invented

The pupils were given 90 minutes to create a mechanical arm/litter picker from a box of materials. Some wonderful creations were made and these will be on display in the science lab next week.