Daneshill Diary 06/02/15

News from the Pre-Prep

The highlight for all of the Pre-Prep children was undoubtedly waking up on Tuesday morning to see Hampshire transformed into a winter wonderland, beckoning us all to go outside and play! What a wonderful sight it was to see all the children playing together and making spectacular snowmen. The Pre-Prep was awash with rosy cheeks and happy faces.

Pre-Prep Teachers

Nursery Corner

We have been joined this week by many of the nursery rhyme characters – the children have enjoyed the actions that we have added to the songs and they have been singing away this week, inspired by the new wall displays that they have done. Part of their learning has been the prepositions, which can be found in the rhymes and the actions reinforce this.

The ‘magic door’ was a great success – the children jumped through it and into a world of sounds – we then went hunting for things beginning with some of the sounds they have covered to date. This week we introduced ‘u’ and the children have all made little umbrellas, which they used as they jumped through the ‘magic door’ into the snow! 

The role play has become a vet surgery with cats, dogs, rabbits and a tortoise to name just a few of the animals that the children are looking after. Not only is it developing language and communication between the children, with an opportunity to fill in a form about the pets, it has also encouraged the children to do some independent ‘mark making’ and it is fantastic to see how well they are all progressing.

Mrs Beeching

Sporting Fixtures
Boys:                                                                           Girls:
RUGBY TERM                                                               HOCKEY
Wednesday 4th February                                            Wednesday 4th February
U.13 A vs. Brockhurst               Cancelled                    U.13 A vs. Downe House          Cancelled
U.13 B vs. Brockhurst                Cancelled                   U.13 B vs. Downe House           Cancelled
Colts A vs. Brockhurst               Cancelled                   U.11 A vs. The Abbey                Cancelled
Colts B vs. Brockhurst               Cancelled                    U.11 B vs. The Abbey                Cancelled
Colts C vs. Brockhurst               Cancelled                    U.10 A vs. The Abbey               Cancelled
                                                                                       U.10 B vs. Rookwood               Cancelled
Friday 6th February                                                      Friday 6th February
U.9 A vs. Brockhurst                 L 11 – 12                       U.9 A vs. Farleigh                      L 2 – 5
U.9 Blue vs. Brockhurst             L 12 – 14                       U.9 B vs. Farleigh                      L 0 – 6
U.9 Red vs. Brockhurst              W 13 – 12                     U.8 A vs. Farleigh                      W 12 – 0          
U.8 A vs. Brockhurst                 W 15 – 10                      U.8 B vs. Farleigh                      W 4 – 3            
                                                                                         U.8 C vs. Farleigh                      W 5 – 2
                                                                                         U.8 D vs. Farleigh                     W 6 – 4                                                            

Weekly Sports Reports

The U.8 hockey teams got off to a superb start in their fixtures against St. Andrew’s and St. Neot’s on Friday 30th January. These were the first hockey matches the girls had played together and after three weeks of solid training with Mr Pereira they were calm and confident as they began their matches.

The A team were quick off the mark and demonstrated a fierce attacking drive as they took the ball confidently past the St. Andrew’s defenders repeatedly. The defenders put in some brave tackles and demonstrated strength by taking the ball out of defence quickly. St. Andrew’s struggled with the speed of our attack and were left chasing as Daneshill executed shot after shot at the goal. The score finished 3-1 to Daneshill but with a little more shooting precision the score could have easily been higher.

The B team had a thrilling game and Mrs Blomfield was on the ‘edge of her seat’ for the duration of the match! The girls played superbly and fought extremely hard from the very first whistle. Daneshill demonstrated drive and determination throughout and drew on their training to deliver a fantastic result against a strong side. The final score was an impressive 2-2.

The U.8 C & D teams travelled to St. Neot’s to play in some training games. It took a little while for the girls to settle and get used to the size of the pitch but once they got going there was no stopping them! During the second half of the C team match the St. Neot’s side failed to get a single shot near our goal as we dominated match play. The D team also impressed with their attacking prowess and excellent work rate. 

A good start for the hockey teams, well done!

Miss O’Neill

Following the snow on Tuesday we, unfortunately, had to cancel our Wednesday fixtures against Brockhurst. The ground at both schools was frozen making the conditions unplayable and dangerous for participants. Whilst we are never happy to cancel fixtures the safety of the boys must always come first.
Given the weather, we have been leading some in-class sessions, which has allowed us to extend our knowledge on the theory behind rugby as well as improving our spatial awareness, balance and agility in the dodgeball arena!
At the time of writing I am looking forward to the junior fixtures against Brockhurst. After solid performances last week it will be great to see us improve on our key areas of line speed and running forward in attack.
Mr Baldwin