Daneshill Diary 08/11/13

Headmaster’s Notes

The decision whether or not to hold the Fireworks Evening had to be made very early on Friday morning, principally because of the “sausage situation.” The weather forecast was dire, the fireworks had been paid for, but Steve, the butcher (a good friend of the school), was prepared to keep the 400 sausages if we did not want them!

We agreed to press on regardless, a decision that, by lunchtime, looked to be optimistic at the very least. However, by late afternoon the clouds had all gone away and we were left with one of the clearest evenings that I can remember.

An excellent Daneshill display ensued and we were all relieved that we had triumphed over all the negative issues of the day. How lucky we had been which was made more apparent when the rains returned at 8pm just as the car parks were emptying.

The tireless efforts of many mothers (and a few fathers) mean that this annual event was once again enjoyed by a very appreciative and happy crowd of people and particularly excited children. Congratulations and genuine thanks to all concerned.

Guido Fawkes’ notoriety was celebrated in the traditional manner as a timely reminder and deterrent to all those who may have aspirations of blowing up the Houses of Parliament! Not that we really need a reason for setting off fireworks … or, indeed, eating sausages (350 in total)!

Mr Simon Spencer


Daneshill Quizzers

Last Friday, our two Y6-8 quiz teams entered the regional round of the National Prep Schools’ General Knowledge Championship.  We travelled to Elstree, making sure to take an Atlas, Encyclopaedia and History book with us on the way for last-minute cramming!  The quiz was conducted via a big screen and the children answered on individual keypads, which certainly added to the tension.  Questions were challenging (even for teachers) and wide-ranging.  Both our teams did extremely well under pressure, eventually coming second and fourth.  We will have to wait and see if we qualify for the next round as “highest losers”!

Miss Rebecca Swyer

News from the Drama Department

News hot off the press ahead of the half term break was that the Senior School production has been confirmed and will take place at the end of the Lent term. This year pupils in Year 6 – 8 will be putting on (what we hope will be) an unforgettable performance of … OLIVER! Based on Charles Dickens’ classic novel, this is one of the most popular and best loved of British musicals and we can’t wait to re-create Victorian London at Daneshill.

In other Drama news, staff in the Pre-Prep are putting the final, tinselly touches to their Christmas play script, which will soon be revealed to children and parents alike. This is a hugely exciting time for the children who will spend the next few weeks learning lines and creating wonderful characters, some more traditional than others! It is wonderful to observe the artistic development of our youngest pupils as they make their debuts and enjoy the opportunity they have to perform to their families and friends.   

Mrs Clare Mannion

News from the Pre-Prep

In the Pre-Prep this week the children have enjoyed sharing their memories about the wonderful Bonfire Party that was held at school on the evening of Friday 1st November.

I loved the rainbow fireworks.’

‘My favourite firework was the one that glittered and sizzled!’

The bonfire was big and glowing with bright colours. It had red, orange and yellow.’

‘Some of the fireworks were very LOUD, they made me jump!’

Also, this week in Reception the children have been looking at Diwali and have made some pretty lanterns. They have also made a special Diwali House with working lights and decorations.

In PSHE, Year 1 pupils have been discussing how to give and receive praise. It has been good to hear them putting this into practise in the playground and around school. The children in Year 2 were given the question ‘What can you remember?’ and have enjoyed acting out their childhood memories.

Miss Bridget Bull

Nursery Corner

The children were full of excitement about the fireworks that they have seen, both at school on Friday night as well as over the weekend. They thoroughly enjoyed making our fireworks display using water sprayers filled with paint, and they came up with some fantastic words to describe what they had seen and heard.

Humpty Dumpty has joined us this week, along with Peter and Paul – if confused, please do come and take a look! We have enjoyed the rhyming and singing which goes with these two nursery rhymes and the children are happily re-enacting each one.

We have travelled to some exotic destinations thanks to the travel agency that has been set up in the role play. The children have generously booked flights, train tickets and accommodation and then have given us the credit cards to pay for them – how perfect!

Next week we will be starting two weeks of ‘Book Week’ using the books sent to us by Book Time.

Miss Kate Flood

Sporting Fixtures

Wednesday 30th October – due to a number of pupils being absent from school on Wednesday, the boys’ teams were somewhat depleted this week.

Boys                                                                           Girls: Inter-House Netball

U.13 A vs. Horris Hill    L 2 – 7                                     1st         Green House – scored 21 goals  Wx3

Colts A vs. Horris Hill   W 2 – 0                                    2nd         Red House – scored 20 goals     Wx2 / Lx1

Colts B vs. Horris Hill    W 6 – 1                                    3rd        Yellow House – scored 5 goals   Wx1 / Lx2

Colts C vs. Horris Hill   L 1 – 2                                      4th         Blue House – scored 5 goals       Lx3

Colts D vs. Horris Hill   L 0 – 2                                                                        

This week saw us back in the big yellow building, getting back into the rhythm of school life once more. The lessons that took place were dedicated to the basics of gameplay: playing in our positions, creating space on the field and passing and running into space were high on the coaching agenda. Wednesday saw some tough fixtures against Horris Hill with honours shared. A good week back!

Mr Scott Baldwin

Wednesday 6th November

Boys                                                                    Girls

U10 Tournament vs. St Francis                             U.11 A vs. Lyndhurst                W 3 – 1

U10 A  vs. St Francis: cancelled                          U.9  A vs. Lyndhurst                 W 6 – 0

U10 B  vs. St Francis: cancelled                           U.10 A vs. Yateley Manor          L 0 – 8

                                                                              U.10 B vs. Yateley Manor           L 0 – 11           

Friday 8th November


U9 A  vs. Holme Grange: L 3- 5                                  

U9 B  vs. Holme Grange: L 3 – 4                      

U8 A  vs. Holme Grange: D 1 – 1

U8 B  vs. Holme Grange: L 0 – 6

U8 C  vs. Holme Grange: L 0 – 1