Daneshill Diary 13/09/13

Headmaster’s Notes

I am delighted to report that all the new pupils have settled very quickly into their respective year groups, as have the new members of staff. Those returning have picked up where they left off and have already embraced the challenges of the new academic year. Personally, I have felt very comfortable returning to the school and it has been very easy to reacquaint myself with the children who continue to surprise me with their unlimited enthusiasm for all things Daneshill.

I am extremely grateful to my Senior Management Team and all those who have worked tirelessly to make sure that the school is well presented before the start of the new term, not least of all Mr Alan Sycklemoore whose extraordinary dedication to the school grounds and general maintenance is clear for all to see.

The new format of this weekly diary is to provide you with relevant and interesting summaries of events that have taken place throughout the week. You will not be surprised to hear that it has already been a busy time for all concerned, with the promise of much more to come!

Mr Simon Spencer

Adventure, Leadership & Service Programme (ALS)

The first two sessions of the new Adventure, Leadership and Service programme have been as successful as they have been enjoyable. Pupils in Years 6 to 8 have been skiing, climbing, life guarding and team building and there is a clear buzz amongst our senior pupils. The Year 3s were dumbfounded during this morning’s assembly when they heard that a Year 6 girlhad climbed far taller than the main school building. This news nicely symbolised the theme of our first full week which was ‘being adventurous and not being afraid to make mistakes’. May this adventurous culture long continue!                                                                                                                       

Mr Andy Webster


Love it or loathe it, many parents can still chant “amo, amas, amat” and have fond (or otherwise) memories of Latin at school.  But what do our Year 6 and Year 7 pupils think, one week in?  Here are some views from our senior pupils who have just embarked on their journey to discover a language that is still very much alive…

Latin is very different to what I had expected and it is an enjoyable challenge

Latin is the most amazing language I have ever heard!  I love the way it sounds

It is so fun and I can’t wait to learn more

I thought it would be much harder but it is a bit like English.  I can’t wait for next week!”

High praise indeed.  I just hope it continues when we meet the nominative/accusative/genitive/dative etc.!

Miss Rebecca Swyer

News from the Pre-Prep

It has been a predictably energetic start to life in the Pre-Prep. The feet of both teachers and pupils have barely touched the ground as our little community has thrown itself into school life. A most warm welcome to all of our new pupils and also our new staff. Miss Rolfe, Mrs Bird and Miss Gibson-James are no doubt dizzy with the Daneshill pace but also glowing from the warmth they have felt from parents, pupils and staff. Congratulations to those children who have impressed their teachers enough in the first week to warrant a sticker in today’s assembly. No doubt your children will tell you all about how and why you earn a Friday sticker.

Miss Bridget Bull

Nursery Corner

It has been wonderful to welcome new children to the Nursery, as well as to welcome back the familiar faces! We have spent the first few days getting to know routines and our new friends as well as painting personal portraits, looking at the colour of our eyes and hair. We have enjoyed lots of outdoor play whilst the weather has remained mild and dry. Next week we will start to talk about Autumn and changes.

Miss Kate Flood

Sporting Fixtures

The boys have had a very successful start to their football season, winning three, drawing one and losing one match in their opening fixtures against Elstree. The results were as follows:

U.13                 D 1 – 1            

U.11 A             W 3 – 1            

U.11 B              L 1 – 6             

U.10 A             W 7 – 1

U.10 B             W 3 – 0

Mr Theodorou is already making his presence felt and was pleased with the enthusiastic way the boys responded to their first challenge of the season.

The girls were unfortunate to face such tough opposition in their opening game, but Miss O’Neill was delighted with their determination when they came back to play much better netball in the third quarter. The final result for the U.13 A team was 9-20 (L). The U.13 B team, however, managed a narrow victory of 7-5 (W).

We are delighted to have these two new coaches as part of our PE department and hopefully you will have an opportunity to meet them on a touch-line somewhere over the course of the next few weeks.

Mr Simon Spencer

School Council

The School Council had their inaugural meeting this week. The chosen representatives were those who had been elected following a personal presentation and then a democratic vote. The new Council was, therefore, full of very enthusiastic participants who presented ideas for the development of the school which they will take back to their forms for further discussion.

The meeting confirmed our agreed support of both Jeans for Genes Day (Friday 20th September) as well as our current charity, Kids Kidney Research. The Council also discussed future charity opportunities Daneshill might wish to be involved in throughout the course of the year.

Lastly, the Council considered, with great excitement, the possibility of working towards The Green Flag award to become an Eco-School. Council members were all keen to reflect on these ideas with others and look forward to meeting again on Monday 23rd September.                             

Mrs Suzy Dixon