Daneshill Diary 26/09/14

Headmaster’s Notes

Today is European languages day which celebrates the diversity of the 47 member states who speak 200 different languages. In this morning’s assembly we heard from Mrs Passmore and Mrs Caratelli who gave a brief explanation of how they had lived, worked and travelled in France and Italy respectively. The emphasis for the children was how rewarding it is to learn a foreign language not least of all because it gives a much greater insight into the culture and history of different countries. We were then treated to Miss Reka speaking Hungarian before Nathan (French), Holly, Hannah and Henrietta (German), Marios (Greek) and Joseph (Spanish) each spoke in their native tongue to tell us a little about themselves. It was a poignant illustration of how important it is to learn a new language and to enjoy the opportunities it opens up.

Today was also an opportunity to support the excellent Macmillan nurses by holding a coffee morning and cake sale. Many thanks to all those who were brave enough to bake. Additionally I would like to take this opportunity to announce that the school raised £470.00 for Jeans for Genes.

Many of you will be aware that the Ryder Cup started this morning at Gleneagles which ties in perfectly with the European theme. I may, however, have some difficulty convincing Mrs Spencer that my reasons for wanting to watch are genuinely aligned to my aspirations to be more European rather than simply wanting to avoid the ever-increasing list of weekend jobs that need my attention!

Enjoy your weekend.

Mr Spencer

History in the Spotlight

I am pleased to report that ‘History in the Spotlight’ is going well and there is much interest in the board and the many house points that are being handed out! Some of the family histories we have uncovered thus far have been remarkable. At the school we have a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce, a descendant of the founder of Courage Breweries, a first cousin of the Prince of Poland, a descendant of an escapee from the Soviet Union and a grandchild of a Christian missionary in China who was unfortunately attacked and killed by 600 communists! Please do keep the histories coming in as it is great to inspire the children and celebrate their ancestry. Finally, I would like to encourage the children to visit a historical site this weekend as that side of the board is looking a little thin.

Mr Baldwin

News from the Pre-Prep

The Pre-Prep have had such a busy week with lots of fun and interesting activities. Year 2’s highlight was their first school trip of the academic year. We all ventured off to Butser Ancient Farm on the South Downs. It was a beautiful, warm day for all the children to join The Wild Boar Celtic Tribe. The hands on Celtic activities started with the tribe making ‘clunch’ to help build a wall. Clunch consists of chalk, mud and water so within the first hour we were all dusty, muddy and having lots of fun! The children were fascinated to see a gentleman thatching a new building in this small village settlement. Every year the Daneshill children’s faces are a picture of awe and wonder after entering their first Roundhouse and sitting around the smoky fire on animal skins. The parent helpers and teachers were filled with pride after being told by our leader that Year 2 were honestly one of the best groups of children she had ever had!

Miss Bull


Nursery Corner

This week should the ‘Gruffalo’ care to venture to the Nursery he will find that we have created a perfect home for him which the children are enjoying hugely! Through role play and conversation the children also decided that we needed a map for him so that he could work out how to get to us – as yet, no visit, but we will keep you posted!

We have continued to look at shapes around us and introduced the triangle this week which made for some excellent ‘eyes’ in our monster shaped faces. The children have also been enjoying the number songs on the computer which have been on repeat for most of the week – I sense a change of game next week!

The weather has remained kind to us which has meant we continue to be outside as much as we can – with it likely to turn in the coming weeks can I remind everyone that each child benefits hugely from having a pair of waterproof trousers in school so please do bring a pair in next week if you haven’t as yet. Many thanks and have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Beeching

Sporting Fixtures

Boys:                                                                           Girls:
FOOTBALL TERM                                                         NETBALL TERM
Wednesday 24th September                                       Wednesday 24th September
1st XI vs. Holme Grange                        W 5 – 2            U.13 A vs. Bishopsgate             L 9 – 17
2nd IX vs. Holme Grange                       W 7 – 0             U.13 B vs. Bishopsgate             L 4 – 17
Colts A vs. Bishopsgate                       L 0 – 1               U.11 A vs. Bishopsgate             L 3 – 10           
Colts A vs. St Piran’s                            D 1 – 1               U.11 B vs. Bishopsgate             L 2 – 9 
Colts A vs. Barfield                              W 2 – 0                        
Colts B vs. Holme Grange                   W 2 – 0               U.10 A vs Amesbury                 L 1 – 3
Colts C vs. Holme Grange                   W 3 – 1               U.10 B vs. Amesbury                 L 1 – 8
Colts D vs. Holme Grange                   L 0 – 7 
Friday 26th September                                                 Friday 26th September                                                       
U.9 A vs. Dolphin                     W 8 – 0                         U.9 A vs. Highfield                    D 5 – 5            
U.9 B vs. Dolphin                     W 3 – 0                         U.9 B vs. Highfield                    L 4 – 9            
U.9 C vs. Dolphin                     W 3 – 0                         U.8 A vs. St Gabriel’s                 W 5 – 0
U.8 A vs. Dolphin                     W 5 – 0                         U.8 B vs. St Gabriel’s                 W 1 – 0                         
U.8 B vs. Dolphin                     D 0 – 0                          U.8 C vs. St Gabriel’s                 L 0 – 1
                                                                                     U.8 D vs. St Gabriel’s                D 0 – 0
                                                                                    U.8 E vs. St Gabriel’s                 D 0 – 0            

Weekly Sports Reports

The U.8 first and second teams had a triumphant start to their netball season with some outstanding victories over St Andrew’s last Friday (19th September).  This was the first time the girls had stepped onto a netball court for an official match after having only 3 weeks of training to learn the rules of ‘High Fives’ netball.  It was a big challenge but the girls were keen to learn and demonstrated boundless energy in lessons and lots of drive and determination.  It has been wonderful to see the girls out on the netball courts at break times and under the posts at every given opportunity refining their shooting techniques.  Huge thanks must go to the Year 8 girls who have organised and officiated practice matches at break times too.  Their support has been greatly appreciated and the girls have really enjoyed their help.  The final scores were 10-2 and 3-1 to Daneshill.

I was delighted with the U.13 and U.11 squads this week as they faced strong Bishopsgate sides.  I was not concerned with the results, as all I wanted to see was that the girls tried their very best and put into practice the skills and tactics we had been working on during their lessons.  Both teams worked incredibly hard and after calming some initial nerves they settled into their normal flow.  We matched Bishopsgate’s mid-court play and in terms of possession; but unfortunately for our girls the Bishopsgate shooters were extremely accurate, converting every shot into a goal.  The Daneshill girls worked their socks off and improved on their previous match score significantly.  They all enjoyed the match and the increased level of ‘contest’ with the opposition, raising their game in response. 

We are looking forward to welcoming English Lacrosse to Daneshill on Tuesday afternoon who will be leading a master class session for Years 5-8. 

Miss O’Neill

It has been another good week of fixtures for the boys with some pleasing results. Results aside, it is performance that we are most interested in, the transfer of skills and concepts taught in training, and put into practice on the pitch. This week most sides improved their control with the ball at their feet, which in turn meant more time and cool heads, rather than pressure and panic! We were able to score some lovely goals and string together some fabulous passages of play from goal keeper to striker. This was very evident in the Colts A who performed extremely well against Bishopsgate, St Piran’s and Barfield and were unlucky not to go through to the semi-finals at the Dolphin tournament. The U.13s had two good wins showing improved passing and movement and the Colts scored many goals against Holme Grange. Next week we hope to see further improvements and increased performance.


Mr Baldwin