Daneshill Diary 28/11/14

Headmaster’s Notes

Daneshill has never before had one of its’ current pupils chosen to represent her country. This week Hannah Smith was selected for the Great Britain tennis team to play against France on 7th and 8th December at the NTC in London. Clearly this is an extraordinary achievement and one that recognises a great deal of hard work, training and dedicated skill. Hannah has obviously progressed from her successes in the summer and her selection is recognition of her ability and improvement within this sport. Well done Hannah!

Back to earth for our regular sports achievements and I am pleased to report that it has been a very encouraging end of season on the football front. After a tough start to the season, the First XI have been unbeaten in their last five matches. Mr Croker and Mr Baldwin have been particularly impressed with how the team have come together as a group, which certainly bodes well for the forthcoming rugby season. The Second X have also finished the season strongly. It has been another good season for our Colts teams who have come up against some tough opposition throughout. The U.9 A’s have also been a force to be reckoned with right from the first whistle of the season. All of the boys in Year 4 have played each match with great enthusiasm and have developed significantly under the guidance of the coaching staff. Finally, the boys in Year 3 have had some tough encounters this term but their performances over the last few weeks have showed great spirit and determination, which they should be very proud of. Well done to the boys and many thanks to all of the coaching staff for their commitment over the term.

The girls finish their netball season next week and so more news to follow on their achievements then.

Mr Spencer

News from the Pre-Prep

The excitement is rising after lots of hard work in rehearsals. It has been great to have the extremely talented Mr Soper supporting us all this week. He happily responds to a teacher’s request for some ‘twinkly’ music by playing it off the top of his head and then filling a gap where a little interlude of music is needed.

It is such a special time of the year for these young children who work so hard as a team supporting each other with their cues and actions. It has been wonderful to hear them break into song mid-Science lesson and do a little rendition of their favourite ‘play’ songs. 

Thankfully the dress rehearsal was a success today. The children are now ready to entertain the school on Monday and to show all the Mums and Dads their hard work on Wednesday and Thursday. We are confident that the sports hall will be filled with the happiness of Christmas!

Please have a restful weekend.

Miss Bull

Nursery Corner

The children have done fantastically well this week as the Nativity Play really starts to take shape. They performed to all the teachers in the Pre-Prep on Thursday and really did sing their hearts out – well done to them all and we can’t wait for the actual performance on Tuesday.

They have been introduced to the sound ‘m’ this week and it is impressive to see them really thinking about the sounds that they know and picking them out in words around the classroom.

The children have also been busy with some Christmas creations which they are excited about – thank you for the jam jars which will be coming home at the end of term looking a little different!

Have a relaxing weekend and see you all next week.

Mrs Beeching

Sporting Fixtures

Boys:                                                                           Girls:
FOOTBALL TERM                                                     NETBALL TERM
Wednesday 26th November                                    Wednesday 26th November
U.13 A vs. Leighton Park               D 1 – 1                U.13 A vs. Thorngrove              L 4 – 20
U.13 A vs. Bearwood                    W 1 – 0               U.13 B vs. Thorngrove              W 16 – 4          
U.13 B vs. Leighton Park                W 6 – 0               U.11 A vs. Thorngrove               L 4 – 6
U.13 B vs. Bearwood                     W 5 – 0               U.11 B vs. Thorngrove               W 11 – 0                      
                                                                                   U.10 A vs. The Abbey               W 8 – 2
                                                                                   U.10 B vs. The Abbey                L 1 – 7 
Friday 28th November                                                       
U.9 A vs. St George’s                    L 2 – 5             
U.9 B vs. St George’s                    W 3 – 0                        
U.9 C vs. St George’s                     D 0 – 0                                    
U.8 A vs. St George’s                    L 1 – 3                                    
U.8 B vs. St George’s                    W 1 – 0                                    

Weekly Sports Reports

The U.10’s had another exciting week on the netball courts in their fixture against The Abbey on Wednesday. The girls were in high spirits after their convincing win over St Andrew’s the previous week so were bursting with energy as they bounded onto the court.

The Daneshill girls dominated the game from the start and by using fast passing were able to move the ball at speed to our shooters. The attacking unit converted almost every circle feed into a goal and connected beautifully with each other in the circle and with the rest of the team. Our defenders made countless interceptions and turned the ball over at speed, leaving The Abbey attackers chasing their tails! The final score was 8 – 2 to Daneshill and very much deserved.

The U.8 and U.9 A teams had another successful week, winning matches convincingly against Alton Convent. Despite dismal playing conditions (cold and wet!) the U.8 teams maintained their discipline and worked hard in their games against Rupert House, moving the ball around the opposition quickly and into our attacking territory. It was lovely to see all our five U.8 teams playing in different combinations on Friday. The girls are so versatile and it’s exciting to watch them grow and progress in their netball this term. 

Miss O’Neill