Daneshill Diary 02/02/18

Headmaster’s Notes

This week finally saw a break in the endless rain that we seem to have had and it has been great for the children to make full use of their wellies once again. It is an absolute joy to look out of the study window and see them having so much fun. It is one of the things that makes Daneshill so special. The flip side of this has been the Year 7 working hard during their exam week. They have been quite stoic in their approach and we can look forward to some very good results over the coming days.

Friday finished off a busy week with a superb Open Day. The orchestra and choir were outstanding and special praise goes to Antonia for her solo. Thanks to Mrs Clark and Mrs Webb who helped us on the day. We welcomed a large number of prospective families to Daneshill, including that of our new Deputy Head, Mr McDonald. As ever, the Year 8 were our biggest advocates as they led the tours. Although half-term is looming, there is plenty more to look forward to this week and a special mention must go to the Year 6 Evening of Poetry and Song.

Mr Griffiths

Pre-Prep News

This week Reception have been working extremely hard using their numbers! We have been practising adding and taking away using objects. Some of us even began to learn how to write sums and answer maths questions using our fingers and in our heads! We also looked at money, trying to recognise 1p and 2p coins. The children will be excited to go on a penny hunt next week in the sand to sort the coins! Our dinosaur museum is taking shape, we have enjoyed being creative in the art area drawing, painting and creating junk model dinosaurs out of boxes.

Our Year 1’s got a chance to revisit the Early Years playground during their Science lesson as they tested out the different equipment to investigate what force they need to apply in order to create a movement. The children loved working with their partner to explore the big pirate ship and various apparatus to enhance their learning. It was great to hear them distinguishing between a ‘push’ and a ‘pull’ force and using different scientific vocabulary to explain what they were doing.

What an adventure Year 2 have been on this week.  On our trip to Winchester Science Centre, the children were blasted off into Space and flew among the stars in the Planetarium.  They learnt all about the stars in our night sky and the constellations that they make.  If you ever get lost on your next family holiday, rest assured that your child can now always find the North Star and guide you back.  Their enjoyment was clear as they explored the rest of the centre; their faces lit up and they absorbed all of the new knowledge around them.  It was a fabulous day enjoyed by all and we look forward to reading about our new astronauts on their missions in the future!

The Pre-Prep Teachers


Weds 31st January


U.13 A vs. Brockhurst / Crosfields                 L 0 – 7, L 4 – 6

U.13 B vs. Brockhurst / Crosfields                 W 7 – 1, W 1 – 0

U.11 vs. Brockhurst / Crosfields                     W 6 – 1, W 4 – 0

U.10 A vs. Brockhurst / Crosfields                 L 1 – 4, W 4 – 1

U.10 B vs. Brockhurst / Crosfields                 L 4 – 6, L 1 – 8