Daneshill Diary 04/03/16

Headmaster’s Notes

We have just received news from St Swithun’s that Charlotte Wiltshire has been awarded a 13+ Academic Scholarship. This really is fantastic news and we are so, so proud of her. Well done Charlotte!

Continuing with the theme of senior schools I am pleased to report that Eleanor Davies has been offered a place at Marlborough College for September 2017. Congratulations Eleanor.

Our inaugural chess tournament was well attended and proved to be a huge success on Sunday. Daniel Yu finished second overall and Lilias Hoare Nairne was the number one ranked girl.

Another successful week at Daneshill!

Mr Spencer

World Book Day

There were some weird and wonderful characters walking around the school on World Book Day. Thank you to everyone who helped to put such fantastic costumes together! The pupils outdid themselves once again!

The Year 8 pupils put on a special assembly to celebrate the work of Roald Dahl, which was unusually messy, with a real life George’s Marvellous Medicine and a cream pie from The Twits, as well as others. We had a costume parade and then went into our annual inter-house book quiz.

House Book Quiz Results

1st Place – Red 41 – Points
2nd Place – Green – 40 Points
3rd Place – Yellow – 39 Points
4th Place – Blue – 36 Points

So very close indeed! Well done, all!

Miss Clegg

Maths Quiz

On Wednesday 2nd March, Guy Stevens, Ollie Antelme, Orlando Kennedy and Tommy Guy competed in a Maths Challenge against seven other Prep Schools. The morning involved three different challenges that really absorbed the boys and got them thinking and talking Maths during and after the session.

The section that they felt most comfortable with was the one in which they had to use their skills on estimating volume, time and length. The last section was a relay in which they had to answer one question at a time and could only move on when they had found the correct answer. The number of points scored diminished with the number of tries, after three tries they were allowed to change! Their enthusiasm and excitement as they briskly answered the first questions was inspiring.

The final positions were as follows:
1st Danes Hill, Oxshott
2nd St Edward’s
3rd Daneshill

Not ranked:
St Andrew’s, Pangbourne
New College
Hemdean House
The Oratory Prep School

Well done boys!

Maths Challenge

What is the product of the first 5 even numbers?
What is the product of the first 5 odd numbers?
What is the difference between these two answers?

No calculators allowed, and you must show how you found the answers!

Scottish Dancing at Daneshill

Every Tuesday at first break the sound of Scottish music booms from the Drama Studio as enthusiastic children from all year groups reel and set together. Since the start of term the pupils have learnt the Eightsome Reel, Dashing White Sargent, Split the Willow and the latest challenge has been the Duke of Perth. As many as thirty two children at a time have danced together!! Perhaps this is one to include in the after-school activities programme?

Mrs Caratelli

News from the Pre-Prep

This week the pupils in Reception have begun their farm topic. We started with the book ‘Farmer Duck’ and have been looking at the use of question marks and exclamation marks. We have been learning about baby animals and the produce that animals provide us with. We are very excited about our trip to the farm next week!

It was all aboard the Year 1 pirate ship this week! We focused on learning about the various areas of a ship and what life at sea was like. Much to the children’s amusement, they learnt about the different decks on a ship including the poop deck, the main deck and the quarter deck. They were able to identify some of the main features such as the masts, sails, crow’s nest and a pirate flag. This was then recorded by labelling the side view of a pirate ship. We ended the activity with a fun game of ‘Captain’s Coming’ where the children were asked to perform different pirate jobs. In addition to this we have been developing our understanding of what a bird’s eye view is and used a map to navigate our way around the school, much like a pirate would do when trying to find their buried treasure.

Sparks flew as Year 2 continued to experiment with electricity in Science this week. The children have discovered all the various ways that electricity helps us: by giving us light, movement, sound and heat. They worked out all the elements needed for a successful, complete circuit and explored different reasons behind a circuit being incomplete and, therefore, not working. The next challenge undertaken is to explore and find electrical items in their homes, with a focus on the kitchen. While they are there, it is important to think about and remember the need to keep yourself and others safe (and how you can) when using electricity. The excitement in Year 2 is clear, as every child seems to have discovered a passion for hands on scientific experimentation.

Pre-Prep Teachers

Nursery Corner

We have had a super week in the Nursery with the obvious highlight being World Book Day on Thursday. We had Harry and Hermione casting spells to do all my house work and mow the lawn, Perdita the Dalmation running errands for us all, a gorgeous friendly Lion looking out for some courage, a particularly hungry Tiger and many more happy characters who took part in our special day.

We were joined by Reception for a full parade of all their costumes and then everyone settled to be read a story by Julia Donaldson that Ariel had brought in! You could have heard a pin drop as all the children sat and listened – they barely moved as they were so entranced by the story. We are so lucky to have such a variety of books and stories to recount and seeing the children so engaged and focused was a joy to behold!

We continue to enjoy our nursery rhymes with Little Bo Peep’s sheep and Humpty Dumpties being made in our craft activities, alongside some other treats for the weekend. I hope all of the Mummies get spoilt on Sunday!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Beeching

Sporting Fixtures
Wednesday 2nd March
U.13 A vs. St Gabriel’s W 2 – 1
U.13 B vs. St Gabriel’s L 1 – 2
U.11 A vs The Abbey T’ment 4th

U.13 A vs. St Neot’s W 54 – 7
Colts A vs. St Neot’s L 10 – 30
Colts B vs. St Neot’s L 30 – 40
Colts C vs. St Neot’s L 10 – 30

Friday 4th March
U.9 C vs. Frensham Heights L
U.8 A vs. Frensham Heights L 1 – 2
U.8 B vs. Frensham Heights L 0 – 4

U.9 A vs. Dolphin T’ment 2nd
U.9 B vs. Dolphin T’ment 5th

U.8 A vs. St Neot’s W 19 -18
U.8 B vs. St Neot’s L 13 – 16

This Wednesday saw some committed and skilful rugby. We improved from last week and our defence of the second phase was far better across the board. Congratulations to the 1st XV as they bounced back in spectacular style from their last match. Commiseration to the Colts on the defeats but it is clear from the match reports that nobody gave up in trying conditions.

First XV: Won 54-7

This week I was looking for a big response after losing to Horris Hill and the boys didn’t disappoint.

From the kick off, Daneshill maintained possession for long periods of time but there were some good tackles made by the opponents. Although tackles were being made, Daneshill were still making a lot of ground and dominated the breakdown area throughout the entire match. Angus and Riley made some good ground in the early stages and within the first ten minutes, Daneshill were three tries up through some slick passing and isolating the space out wide after the home side were sucked in.

Daneshill continued to dominate and had the majority of the possession but the execution wasn’t the best it could have been. In saying that, Daneshill led and went into the second half 5 tries to nothing.

At half time, there were a number of changes made with the likes of Jake, Jack K, David and Joseph making their debut. Luke started at Number 8 and carried and rucked very well for the entire time he was on. In the second half it was pretty much the same story, Daneshill had most of the possession, made some handling errors but scored more tries. The pack were winning ball against the head leaving St Neot’s pondering what they could do against a team who was bigger, stronger and showed better skills throughout.
Towards the end, St Neot’s who never gave up, had some possession and made a break due to a momentary lack of concentration by Daneshill; they recycled the ball well to get a try of their own. To the anger of the captain, Riley made sure the team knew about it and the boys switched on again to reply with two of their own, one for the debutant Jake who has been scoring for the 2nds and lastly with Sami who deserved his try with the amount of hard work he put in at 10.

U11 A: Lost 10-30

It was a very wet, cold and slippery day and the Colts A’s felt they would warm it up through some great team spirit and strong defence. We made a point of starting as well as we had finished the last game and to a man, we did. However, St Neot’s were a physically large and it was obvious after the first 2-3 minutes we would have our work cut out for us. Our ‘man on man defence’ was superb. Harry Burleton, Lucas Darragh and Oscar Petersen all put in some crunching tackles stopping St Neot’s dead in their tracks. St Neot’s were able to shift the ball two passes wide of the ruck for the majority of the match and it saw us exposed out wide. It was in this channel that they made the most metres as our defence in tight was strong. We had our moments in attack and created three fantastic try scoring opportunities; Oscar Petersen took one of them, scoring a lovely try. Unfortunately we could not finish the other two and so the scoreline seemed to me to be a little inflated. Lucas Darragh scored a lovely drop kick in the final minute and it was evident that all the boys had given their all and enjoyed a good, hard game.

U.10 A: Lost 30-40

This turned out to be one of the most physical games of rugby at this level that I’ve ever seen. The boys gave their absolute all, tackling fantastically well throughout and never giving in to the cold or exhaustion. The first 4 seconds saw Alex Harker square up to an opposing team member of significant size and weight, and even though he took a huge knock, he jumped right back up and carried on without a second thought. This was an apt illustration of how the team would proceed. It was a pretty equal affair in terms of skill, but St Neot’s had the edge on us in the line play – they passed down the line easily and frequently, proving that fluid team rugby is the name of the game at this level. That said, I was so impressed with the commitment of the boys, their defensive play, their rucking and their fitness. Of particular note was Arthur’s aggressive physicality in the rucks and tackles, Barnaby’s running on the wing, James’ tackling, Alex Williams’ rucking, Alex Harker’s 3 tries and Harvey’s passing. All in all, a disappointment to lose but some serious positives to take forward.

U10 B -Lost 10-30

Considering the conditions, I am very proud of the U.10 B squad. They were up against better opposition but they never conspired to concede, charging into contact until the bitter end. Some of the defence on display was reminiscent of Rorke’s Drift! However, the inspiration in our defence was of little significance compared to the two glorious tries scored. Harry Stickland and Percy Zhang are not the most prolific poachers of the whitewash and yet, anyone would question this statement, had they witnessed their mesmeric and mercurial motion through the floundering St Neot’s defence either side of half time. St Neot’s may have won the day but as for guile, flair and commitment, Daneshill were undisputed winners!