Daneshill Diary 06/05/16

After three days of gruelling interviews and arduous examinations, Tom Swart was awarded a Winchester Scholarship last Friday. This is, by any standards, an extraordinary achievement and one that recognises Tom’s precious talent. These things require a great deal of hard work from both Tom and our dedicated team of Daneshill teachers. We all share in congratulating Tom on this happy and significant moment in his life. He becomes the sixth pupil in Year 8 to have won a Scholarship this academic year. Well done!

This Sunday, ninety two Daneshill pupils from Years 3 to 8 will be competing in teams of four at a Triathlon being hosted by Bradfield College. This event is part of a fundraising initiative for Restless Earth. Restless Earth is a charity that supports the welfare and wellbeing of children throughout the world who are striving to achieve in very difficult circumstances. Apart from training hard for this event, the teams have also been raising sponsorship in support of this very worthy cause. I would like to wish everyone taking part the best of luck. Best of luck to Jessica Bettesworth too who is competing at the IAPS National Swimming Finals in Crawley on Saturday.

Mr Spencer

Maths Challenge

Two Super house points are on offer this week!! One will be awarded for the correct answer from pupils in Year 3 – 5 to the first part of the challenge and one for the correct answers to both parts of this challenge for pupils in Year 6 – 8. Don’t forget to show how you got your answer and remember to put your name on your answer paper.

For Years 3-8

If one centimetre on a map represents 100m, how far does 20 cm represent? Give your answer in Kilometres.

For Year 6-8

If the scale on a map is 1: 5000, what is the distance in real life represented by 20cm? Give your answer in Kilometres.

The solution to last week’s challenge:

The road from Alton to Basingstoke is the A339.

The road from Alton to Odiham is the B3349.

Check the map to see where these are.

Mrs Caratelli

News from the Pre-Prep

This week in Reception we have continued looking at mini beasts and life cycles. We used ‘The bad tempered ladybird’ book as inspiration. The children enjoyed looking for mini beasts outside, noticing how many legs they had. Some children independently created their own mini beast wallpaper, possibly our future designers.  Our focus this week has been writing, extending our sentences with adjectives and some of us have begun to use speech marks.

The glorious sunshine brought out the children’s ‘green fingers’ in Year 1. They were highly excited about planting and growing their very own broad beans, which they will be monitoring over the coming weeks. The children will be keeping a journal detailing all of their observations and making predictions about what might happen to their plant. There was huge delight from the teachers to see the enthusiasm on the children’s faces as they raced into their classrooms, after less than 24 hours, to see how much their seeds had grown!

What a fascinating hands on day Year 2 had exploring ‘Woodland Habitats’ at Alice Holt on Tuesday. It was the most perfect, warm summer’s day to go down to the woods and have fun with a variety of activities that involved a worm and mini beast hunt. There was an exciting challenge when the children were blind folded and had to work their way down a rope and around trees, waking up their senses of touch and listening and trying to imagine what it would be like to be a mole! We observed plant and animal life all around a pond. In animal groups the children were asked to find where in the forest their animal would like to live, they shared their answers and taught their friends all about foxes, squirrels, badgers and tawny owls. This trip has really inspired the children to enjoy and respect the beautiful forests we are lucky enough to have in the British Isles to learn, explore, play and relax in.  They learnt that these forests are being used for lots of activities and for collecting timber, when a tree is cut down a new one is planted, allowing people in 80 years’ time to continue to enjoy their day out in the forest. The next time you go to the woods why not open up your senses as well, take time to tip toe and look around and listen carefully, you never know what you might see or hear!

Pre-Prep Teachers

Nursery Corner

We have continued our Bear Hunt theme and have enjoyed playing our new board game based around the book.   Everyone has been taking turns to roll the die, counting out their steps carefully and then learning to be patient when they land on the mud, river, snow storm or forest as that means they miss a turn – fortunately if anyone lands on a smiley bear face they get another roll which always lifts the spirit!  So much learning takes place in playing simple games and activities with the children and most of them have now completed their own version of the game and will be bringing it home to play soon.

The weather has been extremely kind to us this week and we have had a wonderful time enjoying our garden outside.  The children have enjoyed making daisy chains, magic potions, and building safari sand dunes to name just a few of the activities.  Continuing with the book theme a favourite afternoon for the children this week has to be experiencing walking through the grass, river and then mud!  Getting feet dirty and exploring how it felt on their toes!  Thank you sunshine for letting us do this outside though!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Beeching

Sporting Fixtures

Wednesday 4th May


U.13 A vs. Holme Grange                   W by 72 runs

U.13 B vs. Holme Grange                   W by 62 runs

Colts A vs. Holme Grange                  W by 6 Wkts

Colts B vs. Holme Grange                   L by 61 runs

Colts C vs. Holme Grange                   Match Drawn


U.13 A vs. Dolphin                              L 19 – 20

U.13 B vs. Dolphin                              W 20.5 – 15.5

U.11 A vs. Dolphin                              W 16 – 9.5

U.11/U.10 B vs. Dolphin                     L 8.5 – 12.5

U.10 A vs. Dolphin                              W 10 – 5.5

Friday 6th May


U.9 A vs. Reddam House                   W by 31 runs

U.8 A vs. Reddam House                   W by 5 runs

U.8 B vs. Reddam House                   L by 25 runs


U.9 A vs. Farleigh                                L 9.5 – 16

U.9 B vs. Farleigh                                L 13.5 – 14.5

U.9 C vs. Farleigh                                L 11.5 – 14.5

U.8 A vs. St Andrew’s                          L 5.5 – 6

U.8 A vs. Farleigh                                W 6 – 5.5

U.8 A vs. Holme Grange                       W 6.5 – 4.5

U.8 B vs. St Andrew’s                           W 5.5 – 3

U.8 B vs. Farleigh                                  D 2.5 – 2.5

U.8 B vs. Holme Grange                       W 5.5 – 1

This week saw much improved performances across the board. This was particularly encouraging as we have spent a considerable amount of time working on foot movement and getting to the pitch of the ball during training. We scored more runs this week as a result, which is promising especially given the slow and unpredictable wickets that are common at this stage of the season. The challenges are only getting tougher though and Horris Hill, who we play next week, will undoubtedly provide a stern test of our technique and game management.

First XI Won: DH 116/3       HG 44 ao.

After last week’s shaky start the First XI were looking for a much improved performance this week, and what a day on which to do it as the sun beamed down warmly for 40 overs of cricket. Holme Grange, who were playing at home, won the toss and had no hesitation in asking us to bat, usually a sign that the pitch may be a little tough! And so it proved, with the ball rarely getting above the height of the lower shin. The focus this week had been on moving our feet early in our innings in order to feel comfortable and get to the pitch of the ball; never was this skill more needed than on this pitch. William Toosey and Sami Virji made a solid start, putting together a partnership of 8 from 4 overs. The state of the wicket meant this was, in the context of the match, worth its weight in gold. Both succumbed to deliveries that rose no higher than their ankles. Will Wyatt and Jack Pocock then came together at the crease and proceeded to put together two fantastic innings. Both ensured they played straight, as the pitch dictated, even to those balls that pitched short.  Their partnership of 61 was the back bone of our innings. Harry Stevens and Tom Swart finished the innings off as we closed our account on 116/3. We felt Holme Grange would be a tough proposition with the bat on a wicket that was unique to their school but this did not prove to be the case. A disciplined bowling effort saw Daneshill pin their opposition down; in the end they could not score and so pressure built. The wickets were shared around as 7 bowlers: Antelme, Kellard, Munn, Stevens, Swart, Wilson and Leech all got in on the act. Angus Leech emerged with the best figures of 3 – 14. It was very pleasing to see a much improved attitude this week and my congratulations to the boys on their efforts.

Mr Baldwin

Second XI: Won DH 175 HG 113

A much more satisfying day for the 2XI as they all contributed well with both bat and ball. Batting in pairs meant that everyone had a chance to show what they had been working on recently. Runs again from Harry and Joe early on meant that we had a good foundation. This was ably backed up by Jake and Riley. A more agricultural approach was taken by Joseph S-D but nevertheless he made good contact and bagged a couple of boundaries.

In the field we were also the more dominant team with Jake showing his accuracy through a wicket first ball. This was suitably backed up by Joe S who took 2 wickets in his first over. Everyone else bowled far better than last week and gained just reward for their improvements with wickets for Joseph K-D (x3), Harry H(x2), Sid, Riley and Joseph S-D.

A super catch from Hal in the covers capped off a great afternoon for the 2XI. A good turn around from last week.

Mr Soper

Colts A: Won HG 86/4 DH 87/4

The Colts As made it 2 wins out of 2 with a close fought victory over their counterparts from Holme Grange. With the weather having improved, the pitch was deemed playable for the boys’ first hardball match of the season. With bright blue skies overhead, and barely a cloud in the sky, Holme Grange won the toss and decided to have a bat first. From the off, it was clear that batsman would find it difficult to score runs due to the low bounce and slow outfield. Some disciplined batting, coupled with tight bowling, meant that the score progressed steadily. Despite no wickets falling early, the Daneshill bowling and fielding kept any extra runs to a minimum, and, after a 38 run opening partnership in just over 10 overs, Harry Burleton made the breakthrough, causing Holme Grange’s top scorer to sky one to mid-on where Thomas Dyer took a very good diving catch. As the old adage says, 1 brings 2, and this happened from the very next ball, with Harry picking up his second wicket, removing the other opener caught at mid-off by Guy Stevens. Controlled bowling all the way through the innings meant that the run rate rarely increased to more than 4 an over, with Oscar Petersen collecting the third wicket to fall, LBW, before a run out in his second over left the opposition 4 down. A couple of large overs at the end left Holme Grange 86-4 off their 20 overs. Daneshill went out to bat knowing that they had plenty of time, and to bat sensibly, looking to put away any bad deliveries. A strong opening partnership followed of 28 runs, before Alex Williams fell for 11 trying to increase the run rate. Undeterred, Daneshill continued to build the innings, and there were less panicked shots this week with the boys trying not to give their wicket away. Despite this, Thomas Dyer and Oscar Petersen both fell to smart catches and when Arthur Toosey fell for 14, Daneshill were 63-4 with 6 overs to play. Some more disciplined Holme Grange bowling left 11 runs needed off the final 2 overs, with 6 wickets still in hand. 7 off the penultimate over meant it all came down to the final over. After bringing the scores level with 3 balls to go, a dot ball increased the pressure before a very quickly taken single (the ball hadn’t even left the pitch after the shot) meant that Daneshill took the victory with 1 delivery left to play. Oliver Antelme and Tommy Guy being the two not out batsman whose partnership was 29. A much more disciplined batting performance this week, but they still need to capitilise on any loose deliveries and look to run hard to turn 1s into 2s.

 Mr King

Colts B lost DH 205 HG266

It was a challenging day for the Colts B. Having lost the toss, we were put into bat and were into difficult circumstances right from the off. Holme Grange proved very difficult to hit around due to some quick and straight bowling in the first few overs, and our opening pairs struggled to get the ball past the near fielders. We also succumbed to the desire to play across the line to the straight ball and several wickets fell to hook shots when a drive would have been more appropriate. That said, we had some stoic innings from a couple of the lads, with Harvey hitting some strong shots, and Freddie pushing for the single every chance he got. At tea Daneshill were 205. It just so happened that Holme Grange had some powerful batsmen in their line-up, and the boys were slightly perturbed by 18 runs hit off the first over. However, after that our openers bowled magnificently, with no extras given in the first 6 overs and 3 opposition wickets falling. Will Swart and Marios were masterful in their technique, with pace and accuracy making it very difficult for the batsmen to score. It was a hot day, however, and eventually the rate of attrition wore us down and this, coupled with inevitable fatigue in the field, led to a fairly convincing defeat. Targets going forward are to play straight with the bat, work on clear calling when running, and positivity and alertness in the field. A good day’s cricket and some work to do!

Mr Champness

Colts C  Tied match (227 runs each)

The dream is still alive! After setting themselves the challenge of an unbeaten season, the Colt Cs came dangerously close to falling at the first hurdle. We had a palpable pomp and swagger about us as we made our way to match tea, having taken 9 wickets and kept Holme Grange to meagre 27 runs. That feeling seemed like a distant, hazy memory as I stood at square leg umpiring the final over. Tied at 27 runs, our final pair faced their best bowler. A solitary single and we’d be in the lead but one wicket (-5 runs) would take the opposition out of sight! Stoically and heroically, Robin Rattray blocked out the over! If only Harry Aldred had strapped on his pads correctly (facilitating a running pace beyond slow motion) and had not run himself out twice in the opening over, things may have been different. A special mention to Oscar Brownfield who bowled very accurately, taking three wickets, two of which were in consecutive deliveries. The dream goes on….

Mr Webster