Daneshill Diary 09/03/18

Headmaster’s Notes

It has been wonderful to get through the week with no snow! The difference between the end of this week and the end of last week is quite palpable. As much as they enjoyed the snow, the children have certainly enjoyed the slightly warmer weather and the chance to run around the grounds again. World Book Day was a real highlight and the effort that went in to the costumes was superb. Particular thanks go to Miss Clegg, but also to all the parents who created some wonderful outfits. It has been a busy week again with excursions, swimming and running events alongside all the fixtures and next week does not let up with Year 8 sitting mock exams and the main school production entering the final stages of preparation. Have a good weekend with your families.

Mr Griffiths

National Science Week

The theme for this year’s National Science week is discovery and exploration. This is, of course, something we encourage children to do in every Science lesson. To discover things for themselves and explore their own ideas and theories, thereby experiencing both the feelings of success and also failure, which is a reality of science. During assembly on Friday I shared with pupils a recent, fascinating discovery in the field of cancer research. This is a remarkable piece of Science and truly exemplifies the theme of exploration and discovery for me. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/on-the-horizon-scorpion-venom-as-cancer-treatment-tumor-paint

Next week we shall be encouraging children to participate in the following activities, all of which can be done at home should the children feel inspired to do so.

  1. A Poster competition – pupils may work individually or in a team to produce an A3/A4 poster on the theme of exploration and discovery.
  2. Run to the deep – a virtual running app which pupils and parents can sign up to for free combining sport with a narrated journey to the bottom of the ocean. www.runtothedeep.com
  3. Plastic tide – this is a charity made up of ocean scientists and technology enthusiasts obsessed with working out ways to clean up our ocean. All you have to do is go to the following webpage and from there you will be asked to tag images of the coast that contains plastic waste. This information will help these scientists build up a clearer picture of how much rubbish we are dealing with, the location, and the types of plastics involved. So get involved and get tagging. https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/theplastictide/the-plastic-tide/classify
  4. Research the deep – We will be encouraging the pupils to explore the depths of the ocean. Each day we will be researching different zones of the ocean, discovering information about the types of plants and animals that live in these zones and how they are adapted to such environments. A display with then be created in Mrs Blomfield’s room which will be available for parents to see in the last week of this term.

Mrs Blomfield

Pre-Prep Notes

After a very cold but fun-filled adventure to Miller’s Ark Farm last week, the children were excited to be back in the classroom and talking about their lovely day out. They couldn’t wait to explain their favourite experiences, from cuddling baby lambs to laughing about the smelly pigs! We used our enthusiasm and excitement about the farm to focus on learning about sharing and doubling in Maths. Using ‘animal food’ we tried to share it fairly between our favourite farm animals! What would happen if we doubled the amount of eggs in the hen house? Towards the end of our week, it was wonderful to see so many different World Book Day costumes. A perfect time to talk about our favourite stories and characters.

Our Year 1’s were outraged when they came into school on Wednesday morning to find that our cheeky friend Jack had paid their classroom a visit and turned everything on its head! He even left one of his smelly socks on Mrs Clifford’s desk! This inspired the children to write a set of instructions to Jack using bossy verbs; I don’t think he will be making a mess like that again. The children also put the finishing touches to their beautiful bunches of flowers for their mummies, we hope you enjoy them.

It has been all go in Year 2 with a trip out to The Anvil, dressing up for World Book Day, and a wonderful Mother’s Day Assembly performance to their parents. Our ‘Barnaby Bear goes to Space’ afternoon at the Anvil was a real highlight with all children singing their hearts out with gusto and enthusiasm; they represented Daneshill beautifully. If you are lucky you may be treated to your own mini concert this weekend!

On behalf of the Pre Prep staff and children, we would like to wish all of our Mummies a very happy Mother’s Day for Sunday.

Pre-Prep Teachers


Weds 7th March


U.13 A vs. Farleigh                                         L 10 – 25

U.13 B vs. Farleigh                                         L 2 – 25

U.13 C vs. Farleigh                                         L 9 – 15

U.11 A vs. IAPS                                              5th

U.11 B vs. Farleigh                                          L 2 – 7

U.11 C vs. Farleigh                                         L 0 – 5

U.10 A vs. St. Swithun’s                                  W 7 – 1

U.10 B vs St. Swithun’s                                   D 2 – 2


U.13 A vs. St. George’s                                   L 0 – 8

U.13 B vs. St. George’s                                   W 5 – 3

U.11 vs. St. George’s                                       W 8 – 1

U.10 Red vs. St. George’s                               W 4 – 1

U.10 Blue vs. St. George’s                               W 7 – 1

Friday 9th March


U.9 A vs. Bishopsgate T’ment                          2nd

U.9 B vs. Bishopsgate T’ment                          3rd

U.8 A vs. St. Neot’s                                         W 8 – 1

U.8 B vs. St. Neot’s                                         D 2 – 2

U.8 C vs. St. Neot’s                                         L 0 – 3


U.9 A vs. St. Andrew’s / St. Piran’s                 Late

U.9 B vs. St. Andrew’s / St. Piran’s                 W 4 – 1, L 1 – 2

U.8 A vs. St. Andrew’s / St. Piran’s                 W 5 – 4, L 5 – 6

U.8 B vs. St. Piran’s                                        W 7 – 4

U.10 B

Every girl in this team gave their best; they marked well and managed to make numerous interceptions. The opposition took an early lead but the Daneshill defence fought valiantly to contain them to just two goals by half-time. Gaining in confidence as the game went on, our shooters were able to score two in the second half to pull the game back to a draw at full time.

POM: Caitlin Manley

Mrs Gill