Daneshill Diary 10/02/17

Headmaster’s Notes

It has been a wonderful final week leading up to half-term A great deal of hard work has been taking place in the classroom and I am sure that all the children are ready for a well-earned rest.

On Tuesday we held our half-termly School Council meeting and as always there was plenty of really useful suggestions to discuss.

The week culminated with two outstanding performances by the boys and girls in Year 6 in their performing arts evenings. There was a feast of poetry, dance and song with all the children contributing extensively. Very well done to everyone and of course to Mr Soper, Mrs Mannion and Miss Peters.

Mr Wansey

One Sun One World

The performing arts are potent and exciting forces of communication and persuasion – and the collective voice of children is perhaps the most powerful voice of all. This week Year 6 presented a musical production of One Sun One World, a musical composition commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund to mark their 50th anniversary.

The objective of this ecological musical is to celebrate our astonishing world in all its rich diversity. It also aims to connect children with their planet, its fragility, its beauty and the ways in which they can encourage sustainability into the future. Other themes and issues raised through the inspiring songs and thought-provoking narrations include: trade, exploration and the effect of our changing climate on the habitats of numerous endangered species.

In the story the old oak tree, the cacao tree, the panda, polar bear and tiger remind us of the great wonders and beauties of the earth and the intricate threads of life linking every living thing. The children of the world tell us about the amazing web of trade and communication which has produced our exciting modern world with its global transport systems and its ever-changing technology. But as the work unfolds, the characters become increasingly worried by changes beyond their control. The children of the world wonder how they can help to protect this wonderful life we all know.

The strong environmental message of One Sun One World is something Year 6 certainly feel passionate about. They were fully engaged and enthused by this creative project, not to mention challenged by the sheer amount of songs, narrations and poems they had to memorize! Learning was certainly brought to life as they performed to their audiences with roof-raising energy and commitment. If Year 6 have anything to do with it, the planet is in safe hands and a bright future is ensured for the natural world.

Mrs Mannion

Year 4 and 5 Maths Challenges at St Gabriel’s School

Four children from each year group were invited to take part in an afternoon of Maths. The Year 4 team consisted of Emma Salter, Hedy Jiang, Ijoba Olapade and Archie Baugh. Whilst the Year 5 team included Sofia Eben Aimine, Jemima Froom, Daniel Yu and Shantanu Pednekar.

Over 170 children took part in the challenge from a total of 43 schools. The pupils were tested on all sorts of mathematical concepts that stretched and entertained them all. A great afternoon was had by all and plenty more ideas for the weekly Maths Challenge have come from these two afternoons, so keep an eye out for these!

Mrs Caratelli

Pre-Prep News

Reception moved onto a new topic this week; traditional tales. The first story to be discovered was ‘The Gingerbread Man’ which provided the perfect opportunity to do some baking! When one of the gingerbread men escaped from the kitchen, the children took great delight in hunting him down and thankfully he was found in the playground… in one piece! The development of our language continues to improve and we have been focusing on the idea of compromising and all that that entails.

Year 1 have extended their work on 3D shapes and have had a week of exploring and spotting these shapes in the world around us.  Hopefully during the half term holiday they will continue as they have begun with excitingly spotting a ‘cylinder’ and a ‘sphere’!  It is so lovely to witness their learning and to see how this topic has captured them. The Gruffalo continues to wander through our learning too and many of the children have been enjoying playing the large Snakes and Ladders Gruffalo game that we have.  It is a fantastic way of integrating addition into a fun activity without the children really realising they are enhancing their learning.  We hope that half term brings relaxation for all and that you get to enjoy these games with your children.

Year 2 have been learning how to write a persuasive letter this week which couldn’t have come at a better time as they were shocked to discover that friendly aliens had in fact landed in the field of Daneshill School! Thankfully the children came up with strong arguments and reasons why the friendly aliens should leave the school. Thinking ahead towards half term, is there anyone you would like to write a letter to? Remember how special it feels to receive one as well as write one. Have a lovely half term break and we look forward to seeing you on your return.

The Pre-Prep Teachers


Wednesday 8th February


U.13 A vs. Yateley Manor                                           W 12 – 4

U.13 B vs. Yateley Manor                                           L 4 – 11

U.11 A vs. Farleigh                                                     L 1 – 12

U.11 B vs. Farleigh                                                      L 1 – 14

U.10 A vs. Eagle House & Yateley Manor                  W 9 – 7, D 3 – 3

U.10 B vs. Eagle House & Yateley Manor                  D 0 – 0, D 1 – 1

U.10 C vs. Eagle House & Yateley Manor                  L 0 – 3, D 1 – 1


U.13 vs. Bishopsgate                                                  L 0 -11

U.11 A vs. Bishopsgate                                               L 1 – 5

U.11 B vs. Bishopsgate                                               L 4 – 5

U.10 vs. Bishopsgate                                                  W 12 – 8

Friday 10th February


U.9 A vs. Bishopsgate                                                 L 5 – 6

U.9 B vs. Bishopsgate                                                 L 3 – 9

U.8 Red vs. Bishopsgate                                             W 9 – 7

U.8 Blue vs. Bishopsgate                                             D 10 – 10


U.10 A v Yateley Manor

After a slow start and several passing errors Daneshill found themselves 2 down at half time. However a switch in attack and changes in the defence helped them to settle and score 3 goals in quick succession to take the lead. Yateley managed to equalize just before time was called.

Player of Match: Imogen Dyer (Well-deserved for her tireless efforts in centre court)

U.10 A v Eagle House

Daneshill were in command right from the start with the shooters making good use of quick ‘out & in’ pass rotations around the circle edge as practised just before the game. They led 5-1 by half time & extended this lead in the second half. The opposition’s tall shooters started to pull back but our defence managed to hold on giving Daneshill the advantage at full time.

POM: Isla Lock (Recognition for determined marking throughout the game and her help bringing the ball out of defence)

Mrs Gill

Decimated by illness, the Colts B team travelled to Bishopsgate without three key squad members. The M4 was characteristically unhelpful and, arriving 5 minutes before kick-off, we barely had enough time to draft in Jude and Edward from the Cs, tie our laces and complete a single width’s warm up! Nevertheless, an impartial spectator would not have known our poor preparation from the opening 5 minutes. Daneshill were dominant. Alex William’s tackle count was immense and the pace of Harrison and Barnaby could not be tamed by the Bishopsgate defence. We quickly went 2-0 to the good. Excellent ball carrying from Jude, Conal, Edward and Luca ensured we had the lion’s share of territory and possession but some weak first up tackling kept Bishopsgate in the game and we found ourselves 4-3 down with only a few minutes on the clock. What followed was good enough to make me break etiquette and become unprofessionally vocal from the sidelines. Picking up the ball deep in his own half and under incredible pressure, Barnaby threaded a promising punt way up the pitch. Putting on the after-burners, Barnaby beat two men to the ball, collected his own kick and delivered a sublime pop pass out of a desperate covering tackle. Most impressively, we had supported in numbers and the ball was then moved along the line for a beautiful team try in the corner. Unfortunately, like a Shakespearean tragedy, great euphoria was courted by disaster and from the ensuing kick-off, Bishopsgate scored with the last play of the game for a 5-4 victory.  We learn far more from defeat and I know the boys will take vital lessons into next half term.

Mr Webster

Daneshill were quick out of the blocks and made use of the slope towards the try-line. There was good intensity from the outset and all the boys looked to play straight-up the middle trusting their team mates to clear out quick-ball. Bishopsgate had one or two quick runners and unfortunately our defensive line didn’t quite come up as a unit and the opposition were allowed to get up pace and dot down on more than one occasion.

At half-time we spoke about playing the situation that is in front of us and trying to make the best judgement call in a moment. We then had better variety, either spinning it wide or bulldozering through the middle.

Whilst there is still room for improved tackling, handling skills and game awareness, the boys are really coming on well as a team with the likes of Monty getting amongst it now.

There were tries for Ciaran x2, Nicholas x6, Charlie, Dominic and Sam x2.

Well done!

Mr Soper