Daneshill Diary 15/09/17

Headmaster’s Notes

What an amazing first week or so it has been. School is absolutely buzzing with energy as the children move from class to class and take part in some amazing activities. There have been two significant highlights for me. One has certainly been the Year 7&8 hoisting each other up trees and then zip-wiring back down. It looks incredible and I can honestly write that I have never seen the like before in a prep school! The second was Alex Harker playing the guitar and singing in assembly today. The audience was completely enchanted by his voice and playing. As much as we enjoyed his performance, the most pleasing aspect was seeing the enjoyment Alex took from it himself.

I have now met most parents at the tea parties but please do continue to say hello and to remind me of names. I believe I now know about a third of the children and the challenge to know all by half-term continues. We really are now in full swing this term, the Year 3&4 are about to begin their first fixtures as I write and so begins their long sporting journeys. Have a great weekend.

Mr Griffiths

‘Sitting with Jane’

Thank you to all the parents and children that visited the 24 book benches around the county over the summer holidays. Thank you too for all the wonderful photographs that have been brought into school for display.

Special mention must be made for all those children that visited all 24 benches.

Congratulations to you all.

Oskar and Harvey Guynan

Antonia, Jemima and Olivia Froom

Caitlin Manley

Lily and Martha Moore

Emily, Archie and Jemima Baugh

Congratulations to you all

The Weekly Maths Challenge

Look out for the weekly Maths Challenge in the school entrance hall. It is there for all to have a go!

There are two questions this week.

Year 3, 4 and 5

What is the small angle between the 2 hands on a clock at 3 o’clock?

Year 6, 7 and 8

What is the acute angle between the 2 hands on a clock at half past six?

Mrs Caratelli

Music Department

What a busy week we’ve had in the Music department! The Music instrumental lessons are in full swing and I do hope that you have checked the website for the new rota system that I have put in place. Hopefully it will run smoothly but if there are any issues please feel free to contact me.

This week the Pre-Prep children have been learning songs with actions and enjoying our Harvest topic. They especially loved ‘The Sweet Potato’ song which we all had fun with!

We are delighted to announce that our Year 3 performance this term will be ‘Bebop with Aesop’ which will run alongside the Year 3 English curriculum and embed the learning and values within the fables. All year groups have been learning to read notation and rhythm within the curriculum topics and have all been preparing songs to perform.

Extra-curricular music has started and I was thrilled with the attendance at choir this week. The string ensemble are busy preparing for an assembly and the school orchestra will have its first rehearsal next week.

If any pupils would like to sing or play in Friday assembly, Prep or Pre-Prep, please can they come and find me and I will hear them play or sing. It maybe that they have just learnt a new piece or taking an exam or even a forum for their own composition!! Alex Harker (Year 7) performed brilliantly in our Friday assembly and really set the bar high. An amazing rendition of a popular song played on the guitar whilst singing. Well done Alex!

Just a last thought; if there are any parents who would like to join a ‘Parents Choir’ after half-term please email me with names. Maybe we could even perform in the church at Christmas!

Extra Curricular Music


Orchestra- 11-11.30am

Choir 1.30-2pm


8-9am ABRSM Theory club


11-11.30am String ensemble

12.30-1pm Chamber Choir

Mrs Jonathan

Science department

Our budding scientists have been busy experimenting already. The Year 4 children have been getting to grips with the labs and studying safety with the emphasis on electrical safety. Six pupils’ safety posters were chosen to be published and displayed in each Science lab and the winners were Tilly Brownfield, Daniel Clark, Rose Miles, Manny Lumsden, Anna Kape and Tobenna Okoro.

Year 5 are studying the properties of materials and are busy designing their own experiments. 5K have chosen to investigate the strength of supermarket bags and 5F groups have chosen to investigate strength, flexibility and hardness of a number of different materials.

Year 6 have been film directors this week creating their own videos on dissolving which they will then repeat at the end of the topic and we will assess the learning that has taken place from start to finish.

Year 7 are studying nutrition and have been testing food samples with different chemicals and Year 8 have been researching Robert Hooke and investigating forces by crashing remote control cars!!

The homework for all the classes this week has been to bring in a picture of what Science represents to them. We will then display these pictures in the Science Foyer and children will be asked to talk freely about their picture explaining their choice. We will invite parents into the Foyer once all the pictures have been displayed so watch this space.

Mrs Blomfield

Pre-Prep News

What a fantastic and energetic start to the term we have had in the Pre-Prep.  The children have returned after the summer break, full of enthusiasm and a desire to learn in their new classes.  Year 2 have made a superb start to the year; writing holiday postcards, welcoming our new friends to Daneshill and taking on the responsibility of being the top of Pre-Prep.  There has also been a lot of pirate sounds coming from the Year 1 classroom and budding artists are appearing in Reception, as they have created paper plate portraits.

It has been wonderful to see the children arrive every morning with a bright smile on their faces, ready to start the day.  We are all looking forward to what this year will bring!

The Pre-Prep Teachers

Nursery Corner

It has been a special week in the Nursery. After we made our fairy gardens, the children noticed some sparkles had appeared. Lucy decided that we needed to write the fairies a letter. We collaboratively decided on what to write. The next day more sparkles appeared. The children were very excited when they noticed a letter addressed to the Nursery. It was from the fairies! They had visited our garden at night time. This sparked lots of imagination about what they do in our gardens and the Nursery at night! To extend their imagination further we have decided to make a magical land in front of the Nursery incorporating all the children’s ideas.

The eldest of the Nursery children also had their first swimming lesson at school this week. There were lots of nerves to start with but it turned out to be a great success with lots of laughter and giggles all around. They thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the pool with all of the water toys. They did super work strengthening their legs.

The Nursery children have also loved sharing their photos of their families. They then chose which frame to display their photo on the wall. This sparked lots of discussion about who is in their families. If your nursery child hasn’t brought in a photo to share, please can they do so as they love sharing these photos with their new friends.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Pearcey 


Weds 13th September


U.13 A vs. Elstree                               D 2 – 2

U.13 B vs. Elstree                               L 0 – 8

U.11 vs Elstree                                    L 0 – 8

U.10 A vs. Elstree                               L 1 – 5


U.13 A vs. Pangbourne                       W 5 – 0

U.13 B vs. Pangbourne                       W 3 – 0

U.13 C vs. Pangbourne                      W 1 – 0

U.11 A vs. Wellington T’ment              2nd

U.11 B vs. Marlston House ‘As’           L

U.11 C vs Marlston House ‘Bs’            L

U.10 A vs. Marlston House                 D 3 – 3

U.10 B vs. Marlston House                 L 1 – 3

Friday 15th September


U.8 A vs Brockhurst T’ment               Won Tournament

U.8 B vs. Brockhurst T’ment              Won Tournament


U.9 A vs. Holme Grange                     W 13 – 2

U.9 B vs. Holme Grange                     W 2 – 1

U.9 C vs. Holme Grange                     W 1 – 0

U.8 A vs. Holme Grange                     L 0 – 2

U.8 B vs. Holme Grange                     W 5 – 0

The Year 7 and 8 girls played their first matches together on a sunny afternoon at Pangbourne. Ava saved a super shot on goal very early on and Izzy scored one for Daneshill. It could easily have gone the other way. This gave us the confidence to attack and the new A team battled hard throughout, winning 5-0. Ava and Jemima were the players of the match.

The B team were also successful, winning 3-0, with Amelia voted girl of the game.

In the C team match Olivia covered most of the pitch, enjoying defending but also pushing forward. Keilah went for the most tackles, determined to get the ball. They worked together well, winning 1-0. A super first hockey afternoon.

Mrs C. Barnes

The hockey U.11 A team travelled to Wellington College on Wednesday to take part in their 2017 Prep Schools Hockey Festival. Moving away from the traditional tournament format, the Wellington festival presented the girls with lots of competitive match play against a variety of schools from across the region.

The girls were bursting with energy and excitement as they prepared for their first game against Edgeborough. After a few minutes of match play, Daneshill scored the first goal which gave the girls a big boost, powering them on to score their second and third goals. At the final whistle, Daneshill celebrated a superb win of 3 – 0, giving them lots of confidence for the subsequent games. After listening well to coaching advice and adapting their play as a result, the team celebrated further wins over Eagle House and Portsmouth Grammar School. The girls upped the levels of contest in a thrilling game against a strong Lambrook side, which resulted with a well deserved draw. There was only one loss all day against Hoe Bridge School, so overall a fantastic result and a very promising start to the season.

Mrs Cowd

The U.10 A game started at a fast pace, with Marlston House exerting some expected early pressure. They were very clinical in the attacking quarter and as a result were able to score one goal in the first half. Daneshill didn’t lose heart though and work hard to put their tactics into place. They started to build momentum and created very good chances. There were some excellent attacking balls through to the midfield and there were lots of great passages of play from the midfielders and forwards, which resulted in a final score of three all.

The U.10 B’s started their game really strongly, running all over the opposition with excellent passing and had several close chances but couldn’t find the backboard. The first half ended 2-1 to Marlston House. Daneshill came out for the second half determined to get a goal back. They pushed hard, but did not succeed. The game continued to be exciting, with end to end hockey. Despite lots of hard work the girls just couldn’t get the equaliser. The final score was 3-1 to Marlston House.

Mrs Fevrier

U.10 A

The U.10 As produced a courageous performance on a wet and windy start to the season. Facing a technical and skillful Elstree side, Daneshill should be thoroughly commended for their bravery and effort.  Rupert made many crucial saves in goal; Tom, Charlie and Sebastian were dogged and industrious in defence; Henry and Archie did well to utilise the limited time on the ball that they were allowed; and William regularly drove through the Elstree midfield to create shooting opportunities for himself, scoring a fantastic individual goal.

I hope the boys are not too disheartened by the final score – it does not fairly reflect the promise in much of their play. They should also all be very proud with the way in which they exemplified the school’s expectations of sportsmanship, commitment and determination.

Mr Kinsey

U.10 B

On a very nice day and in lovely conditions we played a very tough game against a good Elstree side. The game was played in great spirits and although we lost the boys put in some valiant performances. In what was one way traffic Ethan Miller provided a brick wall in goal, saving many shots, and Ijoba was stable in defence holding back more than one Elstree attack. Whilst the midfield was industrious at times we simply couldn’t hold onto the ball long enough to construct play and this is something we will need to improve quickly on in training as next match a goal or two will see us right!

Plenty to work on but plenty of positives to work from too.

Mr Baldwin