Daneshill Diary 20/05/16

Headmaster’s Notes

Oliver Beresford-Davies was our latest Year 8 pupil to achieve examination success this week when his results secured him a place at Winchester College. This is a fantastic achievement – well done Ollie!

On Saturday our Equestrian team competed at the Stonar Inter-Schools One Day Event Championships. Olivia Irby performed particularly well and finished 4th overall in her section.

On Sunday Daniel Yu (Year 4) competed against children from across the county at the Hampshire Chess Mega-finals. Daniel won 5.5 out of 6 matches and was crowned the Hampshire U.9 Supremo. Well done Daniel!

Mr Spencer

Maths Challenge

There are 5 clues dotted around the school. You must find all of these, answer each question, and find the product of all your answers. You will, therefore, need 6 numbers on your answer sheet with your name too before you put it in the box. This is the last week with Geography and Maths in the spotlight so there is a house point for every correct answer in the box this week!!

Mrs Caratelli

News from the Pre-Prep

This week in Reception we have been learning about ‘people who help us’. We have looked at different jobs including police, doctors, nurses, teachers, firefighters and many more. We have been learning about what they wear to help them keep safe and do their job. We have many aspiring doctors and detectives in the making. We have also designed and made a puppet, which the children have chosen to keep a surprise for sports day.

Year 1 became detectives this week as they continued to explore animals in the rainforest. The children wrote a set of clues to describe their favourite animal and asked the question ‘What am I?’ They showed great enthusiasm when sharing their clues with a partner and were bursting with excitement when their guess was correct. Year 1 wanted to set their mummies and daddies the challenge of guessing what our class rainforest animal is…

  1. I am a nocturnal hunter
  2. My long whiskers help me to feel my way in the dark
  3. I like to sneak quietly around the forest floor looking for my prey
  4. My black stripes help me to camouflage within the rainforest trees

 What am I?

They also took part in some pond dipping on Tuesday, which was great fun!

The children in Year 2 have been set a challenge to produce a large and striking poster all about a country of their choosing.  With this poster, they are each presenting an informative talk to their peers and teacher; some of these talks have already taken place.  Although this challenge has made some of the children nervous, it is wonderful to see them grow in their own confidence and self-belief.  “I’ve done it and all my friends enjoyed my talk!”  A big ‘thank-you’ must also go to the parents in Year 2 as this is a project for the whole family!  As they have done so well, it seems fitting that their first house points are being received as a result of their Geography talk.  Their posters are being displayed within their classrooms and we are all looking forward to learning about more countries as the term continues.   Well done Year 2!

Pre-Prep Teachers

Nursery Corner

We have had a fantastic week in the Nursery with the introduction of our beach themed role play!  Our little friends have spent days rowing for miles before arriving at the beach and settling in for some sunbathing, game playing and scuba diving!

We have also made an ‘adding machine’ which has been great fun with the older Viking children taking time to play with it and learn how to work out the total of the two groups.  Learning through play is the very essence of what we do and it has been brilliant to see that some of the children are able to use it without teacher support.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Mrs Beeching

Sporting Fixtures

Friday 20th May


U.9 A vs. St. Mary’s                             W by 10 runs

U.8 A vs. St. Mary’s                             W by 34 runs

U.8 B vs. St. Mary’s                             W by 20 runs


U.9 A vs. St. Piran’s T’ment                2nd

U.8 A vs. St. Piran’s T’ment                6th

On Tuesday 17th May our swimmers competed against St Andrew’s. Unfortunately the weather conditions were not favourable for outdoor swimming but as always the Daneshill pupils’ behaviour and sportsmanship was of the highest standard!

In the pool there were some notable performances with the girls (U.9, U.11 and U.13) winning their relays and the U.9 boys winning their medley relay. Individually there were wins for Alice Evans (U.9 Breaststroke), Harrison Clever (U.11 Breaststroke), Tilly Scott-Knight (U.11 Backstroke), Jessica Bettesworth (U.13 Breaststroke), Georgia Lea (U.13 Breaststroke), Dominic Wynne-Williams (U.9 Freestyle), Guy Stevens (U.11 Freestyle) and Harry Stevens (U.13 Freestyle).

The final score was, however, Daneshill 196 and St Andrew’s 216.

Mrs Fevrier