Daneshill Diary 20/11/15

Headmaster’s Notes

Yesterday was another opportunity for our Advisory Board to spend a day at the school. Whilst they are, of course, familiar with Daneshill it is vitally important that they are exposed to the day-to-day workings of the school and the staff. I am delighted to report that a presentation by the science department left them all very impressed by both the teachers and pupils alike.

The school continues to focus on all areas of safety including e-safety, which remains an area of concern amongst both children and parents. It is, therefore, incumbent on us all to be more vigilant and the school will be announcing an exciting new initiative next week. Continuing with the theme of safety; I make no apology for reminding everyone about driving carefully when accessing and leaving the school car parks, especially after clubs have finished at 5pm.

The girls’ swimming team put in a fantastic performance this week at a gala hosted by St. Mary’s, Ascot. Some of the girls (Tilly Scott-Knight & Jessica Bettesworth) were swimming up an age group and swam brilliantly. Well done girls! The boys might have thought they were in a swimming match when they took to the football pitches against Brockhurst on Wednesday with the 1st XI game being called off early in the second half on account of the weather. In-keeping with the season there were good results for those games that did make it to the final whistle so well done to the boys (again) too!

Mr Spencer

News from the Pre-Prep

This week the children in Reception have been learning about the Hindu festival; Diwali. We have made Rangoli and Mehndi Patterns. We have discussed the similarities and differences between this celebration and the other festivals we celebrate. This has also been a busy week as we have started to learn the dances for our Christmas play. We are already excited to show our Mummies and Daddies!

The Year 1’s have put their detective caps on this week and have been on the search for nouns and adjectives in English. Their confidence with identifying both nouns and adjectives within sentences is growing and it would be fantastic to hear that they can demonstrate this learning when reading with you at home. Maths lessons this week have focused around taking away single digit numbers. The children are beginning to make the link between subtraction and addition and have been using their knowledge of number bonds to support them with this.

In between learning our lines and singing to our heart’s content for the Christmas play, Year 2 have been busy in their English and Maths lessons this week. In English we have been looking at story settings and how a scene can be set with a variety of interesting adjectives. In Maths we have been working on Carroll and Venn diagrams in Practical Maths and the symbols for ‘greater than >’ and ‘less than <’. We would like to congratulate the children on the Maths Prep that they have been completing this term. It has been wonderful to see the children set themselves high standards in completing their work with their parents, a few children have even stretched themselves by working beyond what has been asked of them. Very well done and keep up the good work.

Pre-Prep Teachers

Nursery Corner

We had a super baking session this week with some of the children making ‘melting moments’ – delicious butter biscuits coated in oats! The children were given the opportunity to touch and feel the ingredients and then talk about the different colours and textures. It was a delight to witness the children coming up with words such as prickly, smooth, and crunchy to describe the sugar, flour and oats. After mixing all the ingredients together the children got their hands dirty rolling the mixture and then coating their biscuits in oats.

As you know we have now told the children who they are going to be in the Christmas Nativity Play. It is such a privilege to be a part of their excitement and joy at this time and they are all doing so well with learning the songs and words. Our gorgeous ‘star’ had a little moment of concern when she asked if stars can actually talk – ‘Oh yes – to Angels they can’, which certainly returned the smile to her face.

May I ask that you all bring in a glass jar next week for another craft activity we are doing and in the meantime we hope you all have a restful if a little blustery weekend.

Mrs Beeching


The U.9 A & B netball teams had an exciting afternoon of netball at the Edgeborough netball tournament, last Thursday, 12th November. As a high performing year group, I was determined to select a tournament this term that would challenge the girls and test their skills in a time pressured situation and against some strong schools which we had previously not encountered.

Both teams were calm and composed as they began their quest and they started brilliantly, securing early wins against Highfield and Edgeborough. As the teams settled into their flow, they continued their run of success throughout the afternoon with outstanding wins over teams such as Eagle House, Cranleigh and The Royal. The A team looked unstoppable and knew if they could win their final game against a strong Edgeborough side, they would win the tournament….and they did!! In impressive style the girls dominated from the start and took the game with a score of 5-1. The B team proudly took third position, which was an excellent achievement. All credit to the girls who work incredibly hard in training, are driven to succeed, and show heaps of passion for their sport.

On Tuesday, a team of U.12 and U.13 girls took part in the St Mary’s Ascot Swimming Gala, competing against schools which included Priors Field, St Mary’s Ascot, St George’s Ascot and Sir Williams Perkin’s. The teams did incredibly well and there were many outstanding individual performances against very strong opposition. Overall, the U.12’s finished in 4th place and the U.13’s came 3rd. Well done to Georgia Lea, Ellen Green, Charlotte Wiltshire, Jessica Bettesworth, Isla Rattray, Florence Gill, Felicity Young and Tilly Scott-Knight, for all your hard work.

Miss O’Neill