Daneshill Diary 22/09/17

Headmaster’s Notes

With each new week I learn a lot more about the school! Thanks to all who completed our recent survey. We are now reading all of the comments and identifying the main areas of strength and for development. We will feedback soon. It has certainly been a busy week with Year 3 visiting the Gordon Brown Centre and Year 4 experiencing their overnight stay at Ufton Court. There were many tired but happy children on their return. I spent much of Thursday afternoon with Mrs Lock and Year 7 & 8 as they tried to build fires in the rain. They had some success despite the downpour! Unfortunately I had to leave before the marshmallows appeared. I wish everyone a relaxing weekend.

Mr Griffiths

Ufton Court

Kinric, Purfrith and Barwyn invited the Year 4s to an Anglo-Saxon feast.
All children were welcome from nearby settlements to the North, South, West and East.

Each were dressed in full costume – cloaks, robes and all.
Children assumed their many different roles, such as Churls, Scops, Fotsetlas and Thralls.

The feast-givers set the evening’s standards, rules and tone.
All guests dining on bread, potatoes, beans and chicken straight off the bone.

After cake, fruit and many goblets of children’s ‘wine’,
The guests tried to decipher challenging Anglo-Saxon riddles, line by line.

Finally the night drew to a close with ‘egg dancing’, games and plenty of merry cheer.
But the guests soon became panicked and alarmed by a warning shriek, “the Vikings are here!”

Mr Kinsey

Year 3 trip to The Gordon Brown Outdoor Education Centre

On Monday Year 3 spent a fantastically adventurous day in the sunshine at the Gordon Brown Centre. The aim of the day was to build friendships, encourage co-operation and develop teamwork. With team challenges, low ropes and an obstacle course the children worked together and proved to be excellent problem solvers. Following a picnic lunch outside, the highlight of the afternoon involved building woodland shelters as cosy and weatherproof as possible. After gathering sticks and building fires everyone thoroughly enjoyed cooking and then eating popcorn from a billy can. To finish our day we met the resident goats and rabbits. Having discussed the trip on our return, most of the children agreed that it was the best school trip ever!

Miss Jones

Pre-Prep News

In Reception our topic ‘Getting to know you’ has come into full swing! We have enjoyed learning about all our families. The children drew their family members as we sang ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ to ensure we remembered all the correct body parts and features! We also talked about how families come in different shapes and sizes. The children listened beautifully to one another as they shared their family story, showing what mature and grown up Reception children they have become so quickly!

In Year 1 we have been practising our number bonds to 5 and 10 this week with our very own personal ‘finger calculators’! We have also had great fun making a pictogram to show what the most common hair colour is in our class.  It was a close call, with golden – brown neck and neck until the last picture was placed and golden won!

Inquisitive minds were put to good use in Year 2 as the children took control of their own learning and discussed what they would like to learn about in our new topic ‘The Celts’. A wonderful discussion was had by the children as they put forward ideas on potential history lessons for this half term… “Can we learn about why the Romans did not like the Celts?” “Why did they have their faces painted blue?” “Did the children go to school or fight in the battles?” Our trip to Butser Farm on Wednesday will provide the perfect opportunity for the children to find out the answers to some of these questions – we can’t wait!

The Pre-Prep Teachers


Weds 20th September


U.13 A vs. Holme Grange                   L 2 – 6

U.13 B vs. Holme Grange                   L 1 – 6

U.11 vs Holme Grange                       D 4 – 4

U.10 A vs. Holme Grange                   W 1 – 0

U.10 B vs. Holme Grange                   W 11 – 0


U.13 A vs. Yateley Manor                   W 5 – 1

U.13 B vs. LWC                                  L 0 – 4

U.13 C vs. LWC                                  W 6 – 0

U.11 A vs. Yateley Manor                   L 1 – 2

U.11 B vs. Edgeborough                     D 1 – 1

U.11 B vs. Yateley Manor                   D 1 – 1

U.11 C vs Edgeborough                      W 4 – 0

U.11 C vs. Yateley Manor                   D 0 – 0

U.10 A vs. Holme Grange                   W 5 – 0

U.10 A vs. Yateley Manor                   W 4 – 2

U.10 B vs. Holme Grange                   W 5 – 1

U.10 B vs. Yateley Manor                   W 3 – 0

Friday 22nd September


U.9 A vs Elstree                                  W 3 – 1

U.9 A vs. St Andrew’s                          W 2 – 1

U.9 B vs. St Mary’s ‘A’                         L 1 – 4

U.8 A vs. St Andrew’s                         W 1 – 0

U.8 A vs. St Mary’s                             W 3 – 0

U.8 B vs. St Andrew’s                         W 3 – 0


U.8 A vs. Lambrook                           D 1 – 1

U.8 B vs. Lambrook                           L 0 – 5

The U.13 A team had another successful afternoon, playing superbly winning 5-1 against Yateley Manor.

The U.10 teams also played at home with the Bs pushing back first. Hedy, Tabitha and Martha dominated, keeping the ball in attack, with Ophelia covering in the middle sending an endless supply of long hits forward. Louise and Caitlin looked for Issy and Florence on the wings and successfully kept the ball out of defence for most of the two matches. Daneshill beat Yateley Manor 3-0 and Holme Grange 5-1. A very confident and happy afternoon.

The A team also had two strong games. Felicity and Cala saved several shots on goal, making that final tackle count. However, Saffy stopped most attempts before the other team could even get close and enjoyed linking our defenders with our attacks. Emma and Francesca flew up and down the wings, looking for Alaya and Marina to make the final shot. Daneshill beat Yateley Manor 4-2 and Holme Grange 5-0. An excellent performance by everyone.

Mrs C. Barnes

U.13 B

The girls had a great afternoon of hockey and played really well together as a team. It was a tough game as the opponents were very strong and passed the ball around very skillfully. Daneshill found themselves 4 goals down quite early on and they were finding it hard to get hold of the ball. A serious team talk at half time spurred the girls on and with a good team attack Daneshill had a few attempts at goal, but they were just unable to find the net. The passing and teamwork were much better during the second half, but the results didn’t go our way this week with a final score of 0-4. A great effort though girls!

U.13 C

The U.13 C team was strong from the starting whistle. It was evident that they were putting into practice the skills that they have been learning during their hockey lessons. It was excellent to see that the girls weren’t diving straight in for the tackle, but tactically delaying LWC’s play. The moment Daneshill took possession there was no stopping them; scoring the opening goal in the first minute of the game. The girls continued this wonderful team work to put a further 5 goals past the LWC keeper. The score stood at a 6-0 win to Daneshill. Well done, girls!

Mrs Fevrier

U.11 A

The U.11 team faced a strong Yateley Manor side on Wednesday afternoon. Yateley Manor were quick off the mark and demonstrated some slick passing down the pitch to goal. Claudia Kamkar-Diaz made some dynamic saves but sadly the dominant Yateley Manor centre forward slipped one past our defenders, scoring the opening goal. Ours girls suddenly stepped up their game and by using some tricky stick work, managed to secure two excellent strikes at goal. Lily Moore was strong in the centre showing dominance over her opposition and Lola Goor and Katie Lee-Smith played well on the wings with some superb hits and tackles. Jemima Froom prevented Yateley Manor from scoring on many occasions with superb interceptions and assertive defence and Isla Lock was instrumental in protecting the goal when required. Bo Lee and Sofia Ludlow came very close to scoring and as the game progressed, upped their levels of intensity. The game finished 2-1 to Yateley Manor but I feel the teams were very evenly matched and the result could have gone either way.

Mrs Cowd

U.11 B

What an improvement from the U11B team today! With an early goal from Edgeborough, Daneshill certainly felt the pressure. The girls knew they had to increase their standard and quickly take more control of the game. During the last 5 minutes the ball spent most of the time in the attacking end. After numerous chances on goal, Alice Evans received an excellent feed into the D and scored a superb equaliser. Well-fought girls!

After the first match the girls were warmed up and raring to go. They played fantastically and displayed some great teamwork and infectious competitiveness. Their growing confidence was evident from the stick skills, confident passing and use of the wings. Girl of both games: Octavia covered most of the pitch, linking attack and defence as well as setting up shots on goal. An exciting 1-1 draw was a fair result.

Miss Jones

U.11 C

The U.11 C team played incredibly well this week. As the afternoon progressed they became stronger and stronger and all our training really started to click into place. The girls showed lots of energy in their matches and did not stop until the final whistle. Even when they were winning by a considerable amount, they kept the intensity levels and strived to do better. The girls listened well to coaching points at half time and impressed me with their ability to identify space and move the ball out of defence. They worked hard in attack and kept striking until a goal had been scored. A special well done to this team, an excellent afternoon of hockey.

Mrs Cowd

U.13 A

On a wet and dreary afternoon at Daneshill the U.13A faced a very physical and talented Holme Grange outfit. The physical differences between the two teams was evident in the first half as the home team struggled defensively to deal with the pace and directness of the Holme Grange attack. A quick fire two goals from the away team after some explosive work from the striker proved decisive in the first half despite the probing efforts of Daneshill.

With the score at 3-0 at half time the lads produced a promising performance in the second half scoring two goals and being noticeably stronger defensively barring a few basic mistakes. Harry produced a combative performance and Thomas and Harvey made some runs behind the defensive line after some great through balls from the Daneshill midfielders.

Overall it was a great lesson for the boys to learn in how to deal with a different type of opponent in comparison to last week’s fixture with Elstree. Goal scorers on the day were Harry and Joey with a special mention to James who I thought was fantastic defensively despite the 6-2 defeat.

Mr Morgan

The U.13 Bs delivered a greatly improved performance on Wednesday. The boys were committed in the challenge and fought hard for possession against a physically bigger Holme Grange team. Returning to 4-4-2 we kept our shape much better in attack and defence ensuring that when we had possession our passing was more instinctive. All of the boys contributed but special mention must go to Oscar Petersen in goal who pulled off some phenomenal saves to keep us in the game at half-time. William Beeching was a rock in the centre of defence and Freddie Cullen was a terrier in midfield; never allowing the opposition time on the ball. The result was probably a fair reflection of the difference in quality between the two sides but the boys should be commended for a gutsy performance. Well done!

Mr Spencer


This was a fantastic end-to-end game where Daneshill – despite holding a 4-1 lead with 15 minutes remaining – couldn’t quite stave off the late Holme Grange onslaught.

Shantanu and Charlie pulled off some excellent saves in goal, putting their bodies on the line on numerous occasions; in defence, Monty, Henry and Dominic all showed their growing understanding of when best to clear their lines or feed the midfield; Ben, Daniel and Nicholas all carried a constant threat with the ball, creating plenty of scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates; and Sam and Ciaran led the line superbly, tirelessly moving off the ball to create space for others.

A draw was probably a fair result in the end, with both sides having many chances to claim the victory. With a focus on tighter man-marking and more clinical finishing in upcoming training sessions, the boys’ first win of the season surely won’t be far away.

Mr Kinsey

U.10 B

Well, what a difference 7 days can make. On a gloomy, overcast day at Holme Grange, we bought the sun and the feel good factor. We had been training hard, working on ball control and playing positionally and goodness did it show. From the kick off we looked a step above the opposition as we went about dismantling their defence. Hugo Yeoman showed his touch was improving as he looked comfortable on the ball to dribble downfield and hit the back of the net to score our first. After a short period of play where both teams fought for position, Hugo picked up another and this was followed by goals from Samuel Aslet, who displayed great pace, and Jack Downs, who scored his first goal in a football match and then proceeded to get a hatrick! James Ralls joined the list of scorers and both he and Ijoba enjoyed their time in the mid field setting up play. Now the challenge is to ensure we can start the match next week with the same verve and Vigour.

Mr Baldwin