Daneshill Diary 23/02/18

Headmaster’s Notes

Huge thanks to those of you who attend the Academic Enrichment Lecture on Tuesday evening. Presented by Clifton College, it was a humorous study of the significance of flags. This included looking at the history of the American Stars and Stripes from the removal of the Union Flag post-independence through to its significance on the global stage today and how other countries, or groups, and often their own fags, have been influenced by it. The children who attended got a huge amount from the evening and I hope that this will be the first of a series of lectures aimed at al pupils in Years 6-8 so that they can be academically stretched and challenged beyond their classroom studies.

I must thank all the staff and parents who have taken trips out this week. I have been told they were great fun and hugely beneficial to the learning taking place in school. The frost has descended again so wrap up warm this weekend.

Mr Griffiths

A Matter of Time

The Drama studio resounded before half-term with recitation and song as Year 6 treated their audience to an evening of poetry and music. Entitled It’s About Time, the concert was themed around the idea of Time. There was a wide range of poems, some poignant and profound, others lighter and humorous in tone. The standard to which the children performed was very impressive, in particular their clarity, diction and expression. The children were proud of their efforts to commit the poems to memory and such poems can often stay with them for life, changing in meaning as they grow. Performing a poem brings meaning to it, as well as increasing understanding of the poet’s craft. Performance skills are developed as the pupils consider volume, pace, rhythm, intonation and pronunciation in their vocal delivery. Lively songs complemented the recitations and included both old and new. Pupils sang solos, duets and in small groups as well as some rousing renditions from the whole year group. I am sure the Year 6 parents would agree the evening’s entertainment was Time well spent!

Mrs Mannion

Musical Notes

It has been another great week in the Music department. After the success of the Year 6 evenings we are now moving onto rehearsing for our Year 7 production of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Pupils are busy rehearsing with singing, acting and dancing sessions throughout the week.

We have also been practising for Voice in a Million at Wembley Arena on 15th March. The pupils have to learn numerous songs with set dance sequences in order to perform in a mass choir with other children in the arena. It should be an amazing evening!

The ALS Year 7 & 8 group this week rehearsed and performed Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you” and performed to other year groups on Thursday afternoon. Great playing from all!

Mrs Jonathan


Weds 21st February


U.13 A vs. The Oratory Prep                           W 20 – 2

U.13 B vs. The Oratory Prep                           W 5 – 3

U.13 C vs. The Oratory Prep                           D 2 – 2

U.11 A vs. The Oratory Prep                           W 10 – 6

U.11 B vs. The Oratory Prep                           D 2 – 2

U.11 C vs. The Oratory Prep                           L 5 – 9

U.10 A vs. The Oratory Prep                           W 5 – 1

U.10 B vs The Oratory Prep                            L 3 – 10


U.13 A vs. Brockhurst / Horris Hill                   W 6 – 1 / W 4 – 2

U.13 B vs. Brockhurst / Horris Hill                  W 5 – 1 / L 2 – 4

U.11 vs. Brockhurst / Horris Hill                      L 1 – 5 / W 5 – 2

U.10 A vs. Brockhurst / Horris Hill                  L 2 – 4 / W 6 – 1

U.10 B vs. Brockhurst / Horris Hill                  L 4 – 7 / W 4 – 3

Friday 23rd February


U.9 A vs. Eagle House T’ment                       W 3, D 2, L 1

U.9 B vs. Eagle House T’ment                       W 3, D 2, L 1

U.8 A vs. Hawley Place                                  Tbc

U.8 B vs. Reddam House                               Tbc

U.8 C vs. Reddam House                               Tbc


U.9 A vs. Brockhurst                                       W 8 – 3

U.9 B vs. Brockhurst                                       W 5 – 3

U.8 A vs. Brockhurst                                       W 10 – 7

U.8 B vs. Brockhurst                                       W 7 – 2

U.13 A

The Daneshill girls were in charge from the whistle and built on an early lead with some excellent shooting by our attack.

POM: Attack – Emily Goor

Defence – Fechi Okafor

U.13 C

This was an exciting match with some valiant performances by our girls. They fought hard throughout to give our attack as many opportunities as possible to shoot.

POM: Attack – Honor Macdonald

Defence – Rachel Shippen Davies

Mrs Gill

U.11 B

This was one of the most exciting, closely fought netball matches I’ve umpired for a while. I had no idea who was going to win. The girls played their hardest throughout, never backing off or relaxing. The ball was end to end with both teams attempting several shots and intercepting the final pass into the circle before the other team could score. Zara and Fia defended well, getting the ball back into attack quickly. Daisy, Flora, Freya L and Martha were superb in the centre of the court, catching well with cold hands, they spotted the spaces and demonstrated some well timed dodges. Bo and Octavia found shooting tricky against very tall defenders but managed to sneak a couple in. Fia and Bo were voted Girls of the Game by The Oratory. Final score, a very fair two all.

Mrs Barnes