Daneshill Diary 23/09/16

Headmaster’s Notes

The School community has enjoyed a really happy and successful week. Thank you to the Reverend Tara Hellings for taking assembly for the Preparatory School on Monday. The children acted out the Biblical story of Zacchaeus, the tax collector; the message being that we are all different and it is important to be tolerant of each other’s views and to show kindness and respect to everyone. An important message!

There were numerous football and hockey fixtures with great success across the age groups. Year 7 and 8 enjoyed their Adventure & Leadership skills afternoon with groups participating in Canoeing, Rowing and Team Building exercises.

Today was ‘Jeans for Genes’ and a big thank you to the children for supporting this very worthy cause.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Wansey

Pre-Prep News

This week we have been discovering the topic ‘Unique me’. It has been wonderful listening to each child share their thoughts with the class. The children have been reciting poems and we have some keen musicians within the year group who have performed some wonderful songs; such confidence for the beginning of a new year. In Maths we have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes and in reading we can all now find ‘I like’ phrases. There has been lots of giggling in the classroom as Mrs Smith has been hiding this phrase around the classroom; the children were particularly excited to spot it on the ceiling!

Another fantastic week in Year 1 with the children engaged and enjoying their lessons.  We have had particular fun with our Science topic – Ourselves – learning about what makes us similar and different to one another as well as naming all our body parts and even some of our internal organs!  1K finished off the week with a brilliant assembly which included a rendition of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.  They also told us about how important it is to keep fit and healthy with exercise and a varied diet.

The week started with a magic touch as the Year 2 children wrote amazingly creative stories about what would happen to them if they drank a magic potion.  It was lovely to see how their writing is developing as they are learning more about how to use nouns, verbs and adjectives to form super sentences.  They also used their hands to sculpture roundhouses out of clay using a variety of tools.  We were pleased to see how every design was different and original, and the real excitement emerged when the children realised they would be sitting in a real roundhouse next week during our trip to Butser Ancient Farm.

Pre-Prep Staff


Tuesday 20th September


U.9 A vs. Thorngrove                          L 4 – 6

U.9 B vs. Thorngrove                          L 2 – 4

U.8 A vs. Thorngrove

U.8 B vs. Thorngrove                          L 3 – 5

Wednesday 21st September


U.13 A vs. Holme Grange                   W 4 – 2

U.13 B vs. Holme Grange                   D 2 – 2

Colts A vs. Dolphin Tournament        Semi Finals

Colts B vs. Holme Grange                   L 0 – 7

Colts C vs. Holme Grange                   L 2 – 3

Colts D vs. Holme Grange                  L 1 – 4


U.13 A vs. Pangbourne & Marlston    L 0 – 1, L 0 – 3

U.13 B vs. Pangbourne & Marlston     W 1 – 0, D 1 – 1

U.13 C vs. Pangbourne & Marlston     L 0 – 3, D 0 – 0

U.13 D vs. Pangbourne & Marlston    W 4 – 1, L 0 – 2

U.11 A vs. Marlston House                 W 6 – 0

U.11 B vs. Marlston House                 W 10 – 2

U.10 A vs. Marlston House                 W 6 – 0

U.10 B vs. Marlston House                 W 4 – 0

U.10 C vs. Marlston House                 W 2 – 0


Friday 23rd September


U.9 A vs. Marlston House                   W 5 – 0

U.9 B vs. Marlston House                   W 5 – 1

U.8 A vs. Marlston House                   W 5 – 1

U.8 B vs. Marlston House                   L 0 – 5



Pangbourne College hosted twelve teams on Wednesday in a triangular hockey tournament. Each of the four Daneshill teams played Pangbourne and Marlston House twice, giving them four matches in total.

Our A team had the toughest afternoon, battling hard in defence with Olivia Irby making an amazing diving save in goal and our newly appointed hockey captain, India Fulford, successfully block tackling and clearing the ball on several occasions. An exciting 0-0 draw was their best result, followed by three narrow defeats. The team remained determined and strong minded all afternoon, and should be proud of the way they played.

The B team also started confidently with a draw against Pangbourne but then a 0-1 loss to Marlston rattled the team a bit. They were very positive and persistent in the second round of matches, winning both 1-0 with a super goal scored by Izzy Heffner and numerous saves by Isla Rattray in goal. Again a fine example of a team who were unwilling to give up! With scores totalled, the B team beat Pangbourne 1-0 and drew with Marlston 1-1, so the team still remain undefeated this term.

Our C team also had to defend hard, this time Grace Ruffell was solid at the back, supported by Lili Bryant. Jess Bettesworth covered most of the pitch, linking attack and defence and frequently tried to construct a scoring situation. They kept three clean sheets, drawing 0-0, but finished playing a tricky Year 9 Pangbourne team and narrowly lost.

The D team scored four super goals against Pangbourne including a persistent attacking effort from Phoebe Esdaile and a speedy approach and shot from Chi Chi Okafor. There was a frustrating loss to Marlston but in the second round match against them the play of the day, a sweeping tackle from Viola Mansfield, kept the score to 0-0.

All the girls were determined and focused all afternoon, supporting each other, running freely into spaces and confident to tackle and attack hard. A very enjoyable afternoon.

Mrs Barnes

U.11 A

The team displayed fantastic team work from the start of this match and great confidence enabling them to pass well out of defence. The girls quickly adjusted to the grass surface and used the full width of the pitch to assert their dominant skills over the opposition. Whilst we struggled to propel the ball out of the D for short corners we still managed to score an impressive 6 goals and the result was never in question. Girls of the Match were Grace Weedon and Saskia Lea who supported each other well up front.

Mrs Blomfield

U.11 B

This convincing score is testimony to how well the girls played. Although a little put off by the grass pitches the girls got off to a great start. With confident passing and good communication the team secured an early goal from Emily Baugh. After 3 goals from Fetchi Okafor and 1 from Millie Richardson we started the second half with an impressive 5 – 0 lead. Although the halftime chat was very positive, we knew the opposition would come back with a vengeance. Daneshill certainly felt the pressure; conceding 2 early goals in the second half, however, it didn’t take long to regain composure and take back possession. Daneshill began to use the width of the pitch and drive the ball up the wings, this certainly facilitated their further 5 goals! Fetchi was awarded girl of the game for her impressive 6 goals and determined performance.

This team now needs to work on their attacking short corners and running into space to get free from their opposition. In high spirits the girls sang on the bus all the way home!

Miss Jones

U.13 A – Won 4-2

A brilliant comeback for the boys from their defeat last week! They showed great spirit and determination throughout their game against Holme Grange. With fantastic build up play, the ball was played through to Jake who very calmly slotted the ball across the keeper into the bottom corner. Holme Grange fought back and kept creating chances eventually scoring 2 goals in quick succession. Just before half-time, the ball was played through to Joseph, having made a great run, who showed fantastic composure in striking the ball into the top of the net. At this point the boys’ spirit was very high!

During the second half both teams showed great passing and dribbling with the ball, however towards the end of the match Jake carried on his fine form in scoring two goals, one being a fantastic free kick! After a well-earned victory, the team and I were very delighted with the all-round performance and I have to give a special mention to the man between the sticks, Thomas. His constant communication throughout the match and his wonderful saves kept us very much in the game at some important moments! Well done boys!

Mr Robson 

U.13 B – Drew 2-2

Often the designated driver, it is not usual that I get to sit as passenger for the return journey and reflect on our pursuits away from home. Another recovery from a 2 goal half-time deficit, whilst admirable in its own right, inevitably left the bitter taste of another rued missed opportunity. We must start with the conviction and confidence with which we seem to finish. Holme Grange dominated the first half and if it wasn’t for the herculean efforts of Luke, our captain for the day, in defence, the game would have most likely been out of sight. The half time oranges were little comfort to a dejected and seemingly defeated squad as they slumped, exhausted in front of me. Then, as if possessed by ghosts of great managers past, I manage to conjure some words of tactical inspiration…”Don’t just hoof the ball anywhere boys…pass it to each other!” To which Hal responded, a little surprisingly, “yes lads, let’s play Tiki-Taka”. Tiki-Taka or not, the second half performance was a huge improvement with a particularly splendid finish from Camilo for one of our goals. Nathan kept a second half clean sheet at our end and Stanley and Sid pursued the ball and their Holme Grange counterparts with relentless commitment. I sense that a victory is just one good first half performance away.

Mr Webster

Colts A Drew 0-0, Won 2-0, 1-0, Lost 2-0

The Colts A’s played in the Dolphin tournament this week and were looking to start strongly. It was a 6-aside tournament so we changed our formation to 2-2-1 and from the outset looked a good side. We had spoken about being stronger on the ball in the midfield and really working hard off the ball, tracking back, tucking in at the back and ensuring we were thinking two passes ahead to create space on attack. We played St Neot’s first up and initially they dominated possession, though didn’t really look like scoring as James Bloom and Alex Harker stood strong. Mario Gialvalis showed he had thought about his play during the week, dropping in defence, really assisting our two Centre Backs and setting up play from the left wing. We weathered the storm and turned defence into attack, finishing the stronger in a 0-0 draw. St Neot’s won their next match by three goals and we knew if we were to qualify for the Quarters we had to win handsomely to increase our goal difference and we did just that. Harvey Keeling scored some lovely goals as we won our next two matches 2-0 and 1-0 respectively. Unfortunately St Neot’s scored one more goal than we did in match play meaning we qualified second with two wins and a draw to face St Georges (the eventual champions) in the Semis. They were a big and skilful side and started very strongly, but we managed to muscle up them off the ball, making some good raids down field. We knew we would have to take our chances as St Georges went 1-0 up. Late in the second half we had the chance to equalise but couldn’t quite finish and we were bundled out of the tournament. All in all it was a great day and if we can transfer our game understanding to the 7-aside format we could be in for a good season.

Mr Baldwin

Colts B Lost 7-0

The Colts B came up against a technically and physically dominant team when they faced Holme Grange on Wednesday. Whilst the boys started well with some good passages of play we found ourselves conceding 3 goals close to half time with our defence losing track of their strikers; allowing them the space and time to convert their chances. We were, however, creating our own chances going forward but as per last week we weren’t able to put the ball in the back of the net! After a positive half-time talk we knew that the next goal was vital and if we were to score it then we were back in the game. Unfortunately this was not to be and Holme Grange made their dominance count and took the game away from us. The final score line flattered the opposition and the boys cannot be faltered for their commitment but on occasions you come up against better teams and this was one of those occasions.

Mr Spencer

Colts C – Lost 3 – 2

The Colts C lost 3-2 in an end-to-end thriller away at Holme Grange. Perhaps a little lethargic from the bus journey, the boys found themselves 2-0 down within the first 10 minutes. However, once they had fully awoken, Daneshill put great pressure on the Holme Grange defence, with Ciaran Churcher in particular causing mayhem in the opposition box. Unfortunately, however, Daneshill’s first goal was effectively cancelled out almost immediately, as they conceded a breakaway goal just before half time.

In the second half, both teams’ goalkeepers, defences and woodworks were kept very busy. Robin Rattray, Henry Horniman and Oliver Groslin protected the Daneshill goal valiantly. It was then left to Oscar Brownfield, Luca Dharwar, Nicholas Thomas and Ben Kellard to try and claw the game back. Despite Ben Kellard’s wonderful individual goal which set up a grandstand finish, the Daneshill boys couldn’t quite find the back of the net to earn what would have been a fair and deserved draw.

 Mr Kinsey

Colts D- Lost 4-1

 A rather sluggish start saw the boys go behind very early. On a larger pitch than the boys were used to, this meant we had to try and utilise the space even more. Playing with the slope in the first half did help and Sam scored another good goal for a deserved equaliser. Dominic had to work hard to keep on the tail of one of their strikers and unfortunately we were 3-1 down going into the interval.

The boys showed good determination with Monty and Charlie working as hard as they could to secure possession.

This week the boys will have to work hard on more accurate shots on goal and being braver in the air.

Mr Soper