Daneshill Photographer of the Year Competition

The Art Department received a huge amount of entries to the ‘Photographer of the Year’ competition. The theme this year was ‘resilience.’ Mrs Massey carried out the final round of judging which was no easy task. Here are the highly commended entries, the year group finalists and of course the winning entry from Florence Congratulations to all of the pupils involved.

Highly Commended: Years 3 and 4

Highly Commended: Years 5 and 6

Highly Commended: Years 7 and 8

Category Winners

Florence, Year 3 and 4 (left). Lola, Year 5 & 6 (right)

Winner: Florence Year 8

Congratulations to Florence, Year 8, who has won Daneshill’s Photographer of the Year with ‘Dancing Butterfly.’ Florence explains how her shot links to ‘resilience’. “This Dancing Butterfly relates to resilience because although the winds where strong this delicate little animal kept on going, collecting nectar and to me that is a very strong, resilient thing to do.”