Headmaster’s Blog 28/08/18

Reflections on a Busy Summer

I hope that, like my own family, your summer holiday has been full of adventure, fun and relaxation.  What superb weather we have enjoyed: perfect for recharging our solar cells.

Schools can be very empty places over the holidays, but this has not been the case at Daneshill.  Following the successful completion of the sale, Daneshill is now under the proud new ownership of the Wellington Estate and this has heralded a positive army of contractors descending on the school: decorators, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, all there to make sure we get the new academic year to a bright and fresh start.

Much of the work has concentrated on the main school building, the ground floor of which has been very smartly redecorated.  Lighting, walls and flooring have been redone as well as pupils and visitors’ bathrooms.  The school office and waiting area have been reconfigured and the windows all around the building repaired and repainted.  As with all such projects you tend to find more than you had bargained for, but the breadth and depth of expertise which the Wellington Estates team have been able to bring to bear on the project has meant that we have not been forced to compromise.  At times there have been no fewer than twenty people working on site and I hope when you see the difference you will agree that the effort has been well worth it.

I am very much looking forward to a bright and positive start to the new year at Daneshill.  We have a record number of new pupils and also several new members of staff, all of whom we are excited to welcome.


Mr J. Massey