Match Reports 30/11/18

U. 13 A

The U.13 A team travelled to Hall Grove for a Quadrangular tournament against Hall Grove, Hoe Bridge & Crosfields on Wednesday. The team started off slowly, conceding 4 early tries in the first half of the first game. Daneshill burst into life during the second half and scored the only try of the half, a fantastic display of accurate handling to put Josh C in the corner. The second game against Crosfields was a physical battle, with tough weather conditions to fight against as well.  Daneshill narrowly missed out on a deserved try due to a handle error on the try line. The final game saw Daneshill’s strongest performance of the day, the whole team tackled hard and competed well at the breakdown area. Jake DJ, Oscar P and William B led from the front and made the hard yards through some strong carrying. Will S finished off a well worked try on the wing. Daneshill were leading for the majority of the game, but a lapse in concentration saw Hall Grove equalise in the dying seconds of the game.

Final Scores:

Daneshill v Hoe Bridge Lost – 4-1

Daneshill v Crosfield’s Lost 2-0

Daneshill v Hall Grove Draw 2-2

Mr Moore

U.13 B

The U13B’s travelled to Crosfields to play a triangular against the host school and Hall Grove. The matches ended up with a win against Hall Grove 2-1 and a draw against Crosfields 1-1. Throughout, the boys showed a courage beyond their years, particularly Sam, Nick, Ben and Charlie who flew into anything that moved in both attack and defence. Edward led well also and Robin Rattray showed that he could muscle up when the situation demanded it. The resilience shown when, in the second half, with Crosfields on our line for around 12 minutes, we held them to 1 try with some amazing tackles, was simply immense. Well done boys.

Mr Baldwin

The U10 A team played a simple but effective game in their first fixture against Crosfields. Some excellent tackling and straight running have the boys put them in front early on and a series of good decisions maintained their lead towards the end. The second game against Holme Grange was a more challenging affair and some nervous handling cost them a win. They lost by a try.
The U10 B were led by their charismatic leader, James, in another tough game. Essentially, poor tackling enabled both oppositions to race away with early leads and, despite some good ball carrying, they just could not break down their attacks early enough to prevent the onslaught.
Mr McDonald
The Year 3 girls were excited to play hockey away at Licensed Victuallars School in Ascot. The first ten minutes were very evenly matched with the ball going from end to end as Daneshill got used to the fast surface. Rosie confidently controlled the ball at the edge of our defending D and cleared it wide, just as Mr Tackher has been coaching. LVS later voted her the Girl of the Game as they were so frustrated they couldn’t get the ball past her. Elsie and Alegra were continuously pushing forward, passing to each other, finishing with a few shots just going wide. Megan and Honor confidently received the ball in the middle of the pitch from our defenders, looking for Elouisa to have a go at scoring. Then the goals started rolling in with all the girls contributing to setting up a shot or scoring the five goals. LVS struggled to get the ball away, as soon as the pressure was put on, and Ruby and Miriam helped to regain and keep possession with some solid tackling and intercepting in the midfield. The girls played well as a team, really trying to space out and wait for the ball to be passed to them. They encouraged each other and were happily fully involved. Final score 5-0. A very enjoyable afternoon.
Mrs Barnes
The U.8 B team had a fantastic game against LVS Ascot. This team have shown tremendous improvement over the past few weeks. During this match it was particularly encouraging to see the girls spreading out and finding space in preparation to receive a pass. With a combination of confident passing and using the strong wing, the girls were able to take an early lead. The last part of the match was the most exciting, with LVS scoring two goals in quick succession, but Daneshill held their own and extended their lead with a further three goals! Lois H received the girl of the game for her perseverance and grit. Well played everyone. Result: W 8 – 2
Miss Jones
U.9 A
It was an evenly matched affair against Eagle House on Friday. The U9A were strong in the tackle area and proved to be up for the challenge straight away from the start of the game. Teddy led from the front by making some excellent runs, often evading the first few tackle attempts on him. Max M-S and Oskar used their pace to beat defenders on the outside and made some good ground. It was an end to end game of rugby, both teams scoring one after another. Jackson and Zack made some strong tackles and the whole teams work rate was brilliant. The final score was 9-7 to Eagle House. Some points to be taken from the game to work on for next week, in particular keeping our width in the attack and moving the ball out to the wider channels. Well done boys!
Mr Moore 
The U9B played some excellent rugby against Eagle House, winning convincingly despite trailing at half time. Hector, Hugo and Charlie made countless tackles which enabled the nimble feet of Max H and Charlie G to utilise the open space left behind after handling errors from the opposition. There is a real air of confidence surrounding these boys and I have no doubt this will be a successful season.
Mr McDonald