Rugby Match Reports 27.02.19

U13A v Holme Grange – Won 8-4

Daneshill played exceptionally well against a well organised Holme Grange team. Holme Grange started strong and scored straight away from the kick off, which clearly shocked the boys! However, the response was great. Daneshill quickly got into their game play and controlled the majority of the half. Try’s started the flood in, through Will Swart’s pace on the outside and Oscar Petersen’s direct ball carrying through the centre. Daneshill’s tackling was consistently good throughout the game, although they leaked 3 tries in the first half and only one in the second half the organisation in defence was good. During attack Freddie Cullen gave quick accurate passes from the breakdown area, which gave the backs the platform to create some brilliant attacking phases. Try’s scored: Will Swart (4), Oscar Petersen (1), Jake Davies-Jones (2), William Beeching (1).

Mr Moore


U13B v Holme Grange – Lost – 11-3

I must say the score does not reflect the efforts of the boys. It was hot, we didn’t have a lot of time to warm up, the ground was hard, the opposition were good …there were many excuses we could have made, but that did not stop them giving 120% for the whole of the match. Jude was epic, he hit the majority of the rucks and was crucial in securing most of our ball and getting us forward. He was closely followed by Robin who, with his new boots, became our ‘pick and go’ king not only scoring our first try but getting us over the line consistently. Oliver Groslin was tireless also, in a tough situation he still had the leadership skill to rally the troops verbally and lead by example. Ben, Sam and Charlie showed guts and spirit as they worked hard against some big, strong Holme Grange boys who had the weight of confidence behind them. Harry Stickland had a big second half too as he moved into the centre of the pitch and really increased his work rate making at least two try saving tackles. Ioan carried hard as he always does and Henry made a good run and one or two solid tackles. I was impressed at the way the boys adjusted at half time to tighten up their work at the breakdown. They worked their way back into the match with two consecutive tries. It was not enough though as we could not bring ourselves to come together defensively as a team and stream up as a line; this left holes and Holme Grange slipped through them too many times. So, the big improvement the boys must take out of this is to work as a team and not just rely on one or two players to do most of the work. We had a good match tea and spirits were high on the return journey.

Mr Baldwin


U11A v Holme Grange

The Under 11 A team were outstanding today. From the kick off they put unbelievable pressure on the opposition and very quickly they were able to turn over the ball and score in the corner. This tight and organised defence continued to harass Holme Grange and, as they were forced back, we capitalised on their mistakes and quickly worked the ball through the hands to finish with a comfortable win. Special mention must be given to William and Monty who both tackled with unparalleled ferocity and relentlessness. Considering the warm weather I was impressed with our fitness and concentration in the latter stages of the game. We must now endeavour to move the ball wide when the time is right and involve a greater number of the team; this will make us an even stronger outfit to come up against.

Mr McDonald