Rugby Match Reports (6.2.19)

U13 Rugby v Bishopsgate

The U13’s were involved in an amazing game today. It had everything, including of the quote ‘it was a game of two halves’. After a late arrival due to unavoidable bus issues, we were forced into a quick contact warm up, and then the game… in the space of around 2 minutes. The boys did well to focus on the task ahead in such quick time but, after losing the toss, they were forced to play uphill in the first half on a not so gentle hill that reminded me of the lower slopes of K2. Suffice to say Bishopsgate started the stronger, with big ball runners steaming down hill with confidence and a weigh on. We were trapped in our 22 and were forced to defend for most of the half. Early in the half Alex Harker copped an opponents head to his cheek and, when asked if he was ok said, ‘the pain is manageable’ (he was taken off and didn’t play on). This was indicative of the attitude we would need later on as Bishopsgate went to a 5-2 lead after a Barnaby Calthorpe run away try threatened to bring us back into the game. Freddie Cullen was nabbing turn overs, Jake was tackling his heart out, Will Swart was making yards on the left wing. But, we couldn’t quite break them down.

In the second half, as we began to run downhill, our game play clicked. With Jake leading by example and making yards in the midfield and Oscar seemingly having gotten the bit between his teeth and making some lovely runs, Alex Williams, William Beeching, Seth Gavin and Edward Terry continued their good work at the ruck and won us some good ball. Our big runners ploughed up the midfield, repeatedly shunting Bishopsgate back. Arthur showed great hands to get the ball to free up space out wide and we were simply irresistible, sprinting home with 3 unanswered tries in the space of 6 minutes. Alas, the time ran out before we could run them down. If we had another five minutes, we would probably have won the game by 2 tries, but we did not. It just goes to show, we need to start ‘clicking’ 5 minutes earlier, preferably from the start of the game.

Mr Baldwin


U11A v Bishopsgate A & B

Daneshill played a half each against Bishopgate A team and Bishopsgate B. Firstly, against Bishopsgate B team Daneshill started the game fast with real intent. William Brookes scored quickly by using his pace to beat a number of defenders. Daneshill got into a steady stride, linking phases of play together through well judged passes and offloads. Henry Carvosso demonstrated his agility by finishing off 3 tries of his own. Followed by Rupert Evans’ try to end the game 5-0. Defensively Charlie Bird, Sam Aslet and Hugo Yeoman made some excellent tackles to hold Bishopsgates attack at bay.

During the second half against Bishopsgate A, it was much more competitive. The opposition had some strong ball carriers and scored early on during the half. However Daneshill joined together and showed real resilience afterwards but putting in a huge defensive effort. Tackle technique was brilliant and Daneshill were competing well at the ruck area. Some good attacking phases were put together by some slick handling skills through James Ralls, William Brooke’s and Henry Carvosso, however after many offload attemps and Daneshill could not finish off the attacking play with a try. Bishopsgate A scored another try to make the final score 2-0. A great team effort in both games. Well done.

Mr Moore