Snow Update – Sunday 3rd February

I have just returned from Daneshill where the car park is still covered in 4-5 inches of snow.  In fact I got stuck and had to get a push from Mr McDonald to get out. The lane leading from the Wellington Arms up to school is still treacherous and had not melted significantly by 2pm today.  I expect the other lanes around school are currently in a similar state.

The temperature is now well above freezing and slowly rising.  With rain and 6 degrees C forecast from 0500 tomorrow we anticipate conditions will be slushy but passable for a normal start to Monday.  However we can only be sure about this tomorrow morning.

Please do check your email and/or the school website before setting off.  A usual we shall post an update by 0700.

Please do not take any risks whatsoever in trying to get your children to school.

With best wishes
Jim Massey