Sports Results 05/10/18

Wednesday 3rd October


U.13 A v Hall Grove Tournament  – W 2, L 2
U.13 B v Papplewick  – L 2
Colts A v Lambrook, Papplewick & St. Piran’s  – D 1, L 2
Colts B v Lambrook, Papplewick & St. Piran’s  – W 1, L 2
Colts C v Lambrook, Papplewick & St. Piran’s  – W 1, L 2


U.13 A v Yateley Manor  – W 5 – 1
U.13 B v Yateley Manor  – D 2 – 2
U.11 A v Yateley Manor  – W 3 – 1
U.11 B v Yateley Manor  – W 3 – 0
U.10 A v Yateley Manor  – W 7 – 1
U.10 B v Yateley Manor  – W 1 – 0

The U.13 A’s travelled to Hall Grove School on Wednesday for the OSCAR Foundation U.13 Football Tournament.

After a brief warm-up the first games kicked off, and Daneshill were up against Lambrook. It was a tough game as Lambrook were a strong outfit. Daneshill found themselves defending for most of the game and were barely able to get out of their own half. Lambrook manage to score 2 goals, which could have been more if it wasn’t for some excellent saves from Oscar P.

The second game against Hall Grove was a completely different story. Daneshill learned from their previous match and started fast whilst kept a high tempo of play throughout. The team became much more dedicated to winning their individual challenges for the ball and it paid off. Firstly, from a spectacular left hand side cross from Will S into the penalty box, which was elegantly finished by Barnaby’s header. Will S then continued his attacking form by slotting another goal. Jude made a very important challenge inside the penalty area to deny what looked like a certain goal for Hall Grove. Final score 2-0 to Daneshill.

The third game against Edgeborough, was perhaps the most frustrating game of the day. Daneshill continued to play with high tempo and looked for early shots on target whenever possible. A fantastic left foot first-time volley from Jake found the top corner of the goal early on in the game. Daneshill looked in control throughout but a lapse in concentration saw Edgeborough equalise, even though they had barely managed to get outside of their own half. With less than a minute to go, Danehill settled to draw the game, which allowed Edgeborough to find the back of the net once again to win the game. Definitely a lesson to be learnt here for the Daneshill team.

The last game was an end to end affair which had it all against Papplewick. Daneshill were determined to put their previous game behind them and move on, which they certainly did. A burst of magic from Will S again, saw Daneshill take a 1-0 lead. Alex H and Josh C continued to do the hard graft in the centre of the pitch by constantly winning the ball back. Daneshill were awarded a penalty, which was expertly put in the back of the net by Will Swart once again. Papplewick found some energy and capitalised on Daneshill lack of organisation in defence to get a goal back. But Jake had the final say with a great first time shot to make the final score 3-1 to Daneshill.

Colts B

The Colts B side had an afternoon of constant improvement. We started against Lambrook and, to be fair, we tried hard, but it was evident that we were playing one dimensional football i.e. waiting for the ball to be passed to us and not really anticipating what may happen next. As such we were tackled quickly without really making opportunities for ourselves but we certainly fought hard, never giving up, and took our 3—0 loss on the chin. Against St Piran’s we were a different team. Perhaps it was because we were running downhill, perhaps not. Either way, we ran angles off the man on the ball and created many opportunities. It was clear we could see the pass and see what we were trying to do, it just didn’t always happen. Until it did. Henry put one past the keeper in the final minutes to put us ahead. James B was a rock at the back and saved 4 great shots from the opposition strikers. Our defenders, Tom and James worked tirelessly, saving many goal scoring opportunities but were still, at times, both drawn to the ball. More awareness of how to play with each other is needed here. We persevered and were rewarded with a 1-0 win. Against Papplewick in our final game, it was a step up. We played well and tried hard. It was great to see Tristan running hard after the ball and putting some lovely through balls in. Hugo working hard off the ball to create space and the whole team really, progressing in what they were trying to do. We were outclassed in the end and suffered 1-0 loss but we showed much improvement over the course of the afternoon. Well done the Colts B, keep working hard and lets look forward to next week.