Storytelling Science Competition

We are very excited to announce that Zara and Cleo in Year 4 have both been ‘highly commended’ for their entries to a Storytelling Science Competition.


Storytelling Science: The Letters of Life” aims to get children in year 4 thinking creatively about communicating science. The competition was supported by funding from the Evolution Education Trust and the Genetics Society.


566 children from schools across the UK sent in a one-page illustrated story or poem on the theme of genetics.


As inspiration, the children were given a story book called Little Letters, written by genetics researcher Dr Tiffany Taylor, which introduces the ideas of DNA, genes and genetics in a fun bedtime story.


Teachers were also given a free activity to teach about the concept of genetics to the class, to open up discussion and questions about the topic.


Entries were judged by a panel including scientists from the Milner Centre for Evolution, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bath, Professor Bernie Morley. They selected five winning stories and 20 highly commended entries.


Both girls caught the attention of the judges and this is what they had to say:


“This poem from Cleo has a wonderful message of celebrating diversity and inclusion. We loved the bright illustrations and the positive message.”


“Zara wrote a brilliantly clever and funny poem about how our genes play a role in making us who we are. We particularly enjoyed her wonderful illustrations and linking our own human ancestry to chimpanzees.”


We are thrilled at Zara and Cleo’s achievements, congratulations to you both!